Me & My Muse – Day 294: One More Gauntlet

What gauntlet would that be?  That would be the work gauntlet at work.  After two six hour shifts, one two hour shift and (today) one four hour shift, I finally get a day off tomorrow!  Yes. I know that it’s sad when you have a job where you actually look forward to getting the days off.

So the game plan for today is pretty straightforward.  Continue looking for a full-time job (argh….job search engines hate me….)

There’s also another thing that I would like to address.  In my emails, the search results that I’ve been sent are stupid.  Management positions at Taco Bell?  Management positions at McDonald’s?  I don’t want to work at those places!  And before you make the assumption that they’re corporate positions, they’re not.  They’re the crappy hourly positions that I’m trying to get away from.  With being in food for so long, I’m starting to get tired of it.

So look for a job on all the search engines that I have already tried in the past?  Check (Well, not yet.  It’s actually something that I plan on doing after I finish this post).

Continue working on my writing portfolio?  Check.  This will be after the job search.  I finished editing my “Blessings” (now titled “Mysterious Blessings”) manuscript for surface errors.  All that remains is adding in some more details regarding a couple characters and rewriting a section or two.

For the month of May, I am hoping to have the opportunity to contribute content as a freelancer for one of former college instructors.  There will be more details on that if I hear anything.  I am supposed to contact her during the “first week of May”.  When that happens, I will let you know what I hear when I get word back about that opportunity.


Ghost Muse:  Kyle!  The Spoiled Rich Muse has bought this planet!

*sigh*  Great.  We’ll have to go into hiding.  No place is sa….

Muse:  Get out now!  This land now belongs to me!

Ghost Muse:  And what are you going to do with it?

Muse:  I’m going to make a garden.  I would’ve made one in the Intangible world, but my mansion takes up the whole space.  This planet will give me plenty of room, so get out!

And what are you going to do about it?

Muse:  Oh.  I’ll just demolish your house.  I’ve already demolished a few neighborhoods already.

So, are you going to demolish entire cities for your “perfect garden”?  You know, all the people whose homes you’ll be destroying won’t be happy.

Muse:  Don’t worry about them.  They will all be my slaves.  Each of them will tend to my garden, or I will turn them into an ornament.  A fountain, a sculpture, a monument….whatever I please.  Or, I could make them a bed of roses.  Oh, this garden will be divine.  Ha ha ha ha ha!!!!

So let me get this straight.  You’re going to demolish all the cities of the world to make room for your garden and enslave the entire human race?

Muse:  Pretty much.  And don’t worry about the rubble.  All of it is being recycled to make extravagant decorations for my garden.  Just you wait.  It will be grand.

About this whole slave thing.  How are you going to enslaves millions of babies? They are not old enough to take orders yet!

Muse:  Don’t worry about the little ones.  They don’t have to do a thing.  They will all become ornaments to decorate my garden.

???:  I think it’s a stupid idea!

Muse:  Who said that?!

Dark Muse:  I did!  You stupid Muse!  Gimme back my house!

Muse:  Oh!  You mean this body?   It’s mine, you brat!

Dark Muse:  No it’s not!  I saw it first!  Tee hee!

*the Dark Muse flies, lunging forward at the Muse, but is shoved away by an invisible force field*

Muse:  Nice try!  This expensive forcefield will keep you from entering again!  Now, let me finish my garden….

Dark Muse:  Once I get inside, it’s gonna be a big playground!  A playground with lots of swings and slides!  Tee hee!

Muse:  Swings?  Slides?  I’m sorry dear but it’s not going to happen!  *sigh* This is why I hate children….


Ghost Muse:  While she’s distracting the Muse, now’s our chance!  Now, Remedy!

*Remedy uses his Intangible ability to make himself invisible*

Remedy:  There.  The forcefield shouldn’t be able to detect me.  Now to inject the cure.  This will be easier than feeding it to her….There!  Say good night, Muse!

*Muse is injected with Remedy’s cure*

Muse:  Ow!  Who poked me?  I feel sleepy….

*Muse falls asleep*

Ghost Muse: There!  Now I can enter her again!

Dark Muse:  No!  You said that I could first!  Remember our promise!

Muse:  I’m sorry, but neither of you get it!

Remedy:  What?  But it was supposed to….

Muse:  Put me to sleep?  I was only pretending!  I knew what your wretched cure was supposed to do, so I humored you.  No cure of any strength has any effect on me.  Now if you would excuse me.  I have a garden to finish….

Dark Muse:  I have an idea of how to get in, but I’m not telling!  Tee hee!

*Dark Muse disappears in a flash*

Remedy:  It should’ve worked!  It was my strongest cure yet!

Ghost Muse:  But not strong enough for her.  We need to find another way…. Let’s go, Remedy!

Remedy:  We’ll think of something.  Don’t worry, my dear Muse….


Well, things went from bad to worse.  With the Muse’s garden underway, no one will have a place to live anymore.

Getting back to reality, I have a checklist to work on, and I best get started ASAP!  I have a bus that is picking me up at 12:45, so there’s no time like the present.

Today’s high is going to be 53 degrees and the silver lining is being at the end of the work gauntlet.

To those of you who like the last day of your work week, I hope that you all have a fantastic day.


Muse:  The rubble from these cities will make great decorations for my garden!  Ha ha ha ha ha!!!!