Me & My Muse – Day 288: Overexposed

Have I taken up new hobby in photography, taking pictures the old-fashioned way?  Have I ruined the film with too much light?

No.  What I am referring to is a follow up to yesterday.  When I was outside, shaking that cardboard sign, the sun got creative and started painting on my neck.  When it was finished, I examined the work that it did on me.

What a work of art!  A nice sunburn on my neck and face!  I surely got some sun yesterday.  Perhaps a little too much.

In hindsight, I should’ve remembered to use sunscreen.

For the sunburn, I blame genetics.  Compared to my dad’s skin.  I’m albino.  Walker skin is a light tan.  Lecki skin on the other hand is as pale as a ghost.  Because of my skin, I don’t tan.   I burn instead, allowing the sun to laugh at its latest masterpiece.

Ghost Muse:  Nice lobster skin.

Thanks.  It’s the sun’s latest work of art.  My body was its canvas and used ultraviolet radiation as its paint.

Ghost Muse:  Try to use sunscreen next time.  I hope it doesn’t hurt too much.

It doesn’t. Now if you would excuse me….

Ghost Muse:  Sorry.  I will leave you be….


Thank you.  As I allow my overexposed skin to heal,  I want to try to get this website updated.  The description that I have is a little outdated.  I also want to try to find some publications to email.

Today’s high is going to be 49 degrees and the silver lining is having another day to get some work accomplished.

To those of you who don’t have skin that’s overexposed to the sun, I hope that you all have a fantastic day.


Muse:  A sunburn?  Ha!  My skin is a healthy golden glow!  Time for a trip to my own private tanning bed….

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