Me & My Muse – Day 279: God’s Not Dead

To those of you who are up to date on all the current movies, yes.  I went and saw the movie.  Despite the panning from all the major critics, I totally disagree with them.  I thought that the movie was amazing.  From what I saw, it displays an accurate portrayal of what a Christian college student has to face when they’re in the hostile environment of Academia.

I have much more to say about the movie, but I will save it for the movie review.  All I can say is that it will be one of the more positive reviews out there, as all the other critics have nothing good to say about it.  Well, the professor had nothing good to say about Josh Wheaton, the freshman that challenged the whole classroom when he stood up for something that he believed in.


Ghost Muse:  I found him.


Ghost Muse:  I found Remedy.  He’s working on another cure so that I can get inside my body again.

Don’t you mean your former body?

Ghost Muse:  *sigh*  I know.    But I still like to treat it like it’s mine.  Why do I have to transform every 100 days?  I wish I didn’t have to.

You don’t.  You made your transformation and now you’re a ghost.  Pretty soon, that spoiled rich Muse will make her transformation and she’ll be a ghost.

Ghost Muse:  That’s not what I mean.  You see, we’re connected.

I don’t get it.

Ghost Muse:  Remedy.  Please explain.

Remedy:  While your Muse is not in her body, she is still a part of the original.  She may be a ghost, but she’s still connected.

Ghost Muse:  Yes.  And pretty soon, that spoiled rich Muse will be a ghost, like me.

And she will want to enter the new Muse, right?

Ghost Muse:  Yes.  I will, too.  She may be a different Muse, but we’re still all connected.  We’re different layers, but part of the same unit.

I can tell you who’s not.  That Dark Muse!

Ghost Muse:  I know.  She doesn’t belong in that Muse at all.  She already has her own body, and she still wants that Muse.  Urrr….It makes me mad….

Remedy:  And when you think about it, she’s not really a Dark Muse at all.  Well, she is in a physical sense.

Ghost Muse:  But she’s a near-perfect clone of my body inhabited by a Bad Idea.  I know what you mean.

Remedy:  A Bad Idea without gender or identity.  The only thing it will ever be is what it was:  A rejected fragment of the past.

A fragment that we were unable to destroy.

Remedy:  Yes.  Ideas want a place to belong.  That is why Muses consume them.  The good ideas are consumed and then integrated into the Muse’s world inside of them.  But when bad ideas come along, they are erased.  They are eliminated.  They are deleted from existence.  But that one Bad Idea was crafty.  It knew that it was bad, but it didn’t want to be erased.  It wanted to be loved and respected, like the good ideas.

Yes.  i know the story.  It hid with some other ideas.  My Muse, who was not a picky eater, ate the Bad Idea with all the other good ones.  The Bad Idea then hid inside my Muse’s world until the right opportunity arose.  The opportunity to take over.

Ghost Muse:  Yes.  And the Dark Muse does not mix well with the spoiled rich Muse.  Her time will come very soon.

Remedy:  That’s why I’m working on another cure.  The hard part will be getting that Dark Muse out.

*sigh*  I know how important that is to you, but let’s get back to the original topic.

Remedy:  Very well.  I’ll let you know when it’s done.

*Remedy leaves the room*

Getting back on track, I thought that God’s Not Dead was a good movie.

Ghost Muse:  Unfortunately, I didn’t see it with you.  When I do, we can discuss it together.  Okay?

Fair enough.  Please see it when you can.

Ghost Muse:  I will.  I’m going to see how Remedy’s doing.  Okay?

*Ghost Muse leaves the room*


Overall, the movie was good.  More on this will be covered in the movie review, so stay tuned!

Today’s high is going to be 68 degrees and the silver lining was seeing the movie.

To those of you who like seeing good movies, I hope that you all have a fantastic day.


Muse:  Forget that stupid toy!  My pretty mansion is now bigger than ever!  Tee hee!