Me & My Muse – Day 276: Green Hair Groom

More like White Hair Groom, since the the lawn is white, instead of green.

In accordance with the title, that is my task at hand this morning.  I will be raking the lawn until I have removed all of the dead grass that is on top.  In addition to that, I will be raking any stray leaves that failed to be gathered from last fall.  In addition to that, this is a continuation of the raking that I did at my grandparent’s house.  I took care of their front yard yesterday.  Today, I will be working on my yard at home.  Most of it is already done, thanks to my brother.  There are just a few spots left before it is finished.


Muse:  Change me, NOW!


Again?  You’re even bigger than before.  Way bigger!

Muse:  Tee hee!  I’m just kidding!  I have servants to do that for me now!

Are you up yet?

Muse:  I am still sleeping.  Tee hee!  Sleeping in a house that is much nicer than yours….

Well, of course!  You’re spoiled rotten.  Because of that bratty Muse, you don’t ever do anything for yourself anymore.  Whatever you want, you get.  It just sickens me.

Muse:  What sickens me is your yucky house.  How can you live in a house that is not pretty?  Come, I will show you!  Tee hee….

*gets teleported to gigantic mansion in the Realm of Imagination*

Muse:  See?  Everything is pretty in my mansion!  And this is only my bedroom!  Tee hee!


Everything is bigger than ever?  Did you grow again?

Muse:  I got bored yesterday, so I grew and grew!  Tee hee!  As you can see, I am still sleeping on my bed.  Tee hee!  So is your cute little ghosty whosty, which I will keep forever and ever!

Ghost Muse:  No you won’t, you spoiled little brat!

*Ghost Muse flies out of Muse*

Ghost Muse:  You should be disciplined most severely, for keeping me asleep inside of you against my will!

Muse:  Are you talking about a spanking?  I don’t need any spankings!  Tee hee….

Ghost Muse:  You do, for this wealth and possession have spoiled you!  Take this!

Muse:  Ow!  That hurts!  Stop it!

Ghost Muse:  That is for keeping me in there, you spoiled brat!  There will be plenty more like that if it happens again!

Muse:  I hope it does.  Tee hee!  Now I want to play with that life-like toy!  Servants, get that toy for me now!

Intangible Servant:  Right away, Big Little Miss!

Ghost Muse:   Here.  I know where we can go where she won’t bother us….

*Ghost Muse teleports me back to the real world*

Thanks.  As much as she says it,  I am NOT a toy!  I can’t wait until May.  We won’t have to deal with that rotten brat anymore.

Ghost Muse:  I’m really starting to get sick of her.  I hope that the next Muse is a lot better….

It has to be better than a spoiled rich Muse.  I mean, how much more can the audience stand reading nonsense like this?

Ghost Muse:  I know.  She’s making these posts hard to read.

Well, the sun is out, and it’s serving as a reminder to get started on the grass raking.  We will have to carry on the discussion later.

Ghost Muse:  Anytime.  I’m going to find Remedy now.  See you later!


As much as I would like to continue this post, I need to make that title a reality.  Because in addition to getting this done, I am fighting the clock.  In the afternoon, it could rain so I need to get going.

Today’s high is going to be 65 degrees and the silver lining will be having a day off to get some chores done.

To those of you who like working outside, I hope that you all have a fantastic day.


Muse:  Find that toy, NOW!  I must have that toy to play with!  Find it before I wake up, or you’re all going to be toys!  Tee hee!