Me & My Muse – Day 256: Spring Fever – Part II

Do I have some kind of cold, or something?  Actually, I don’t.  I just thought that it would make a fitting title with it being the second day of Spring….


Ghost Muse:  Kyle!  It happened again!  That bratty Muse is back and she kicked me out of my body!

Don’t you mean her body?

Ghost Muse:  Yeah.  It’s her’s, but she doesn’t deserve it.  She also kicked me out of the Intangible realm.

Kicked you out?  Why?

Ghost Muse:  She bought the whole realm.  Everything.  She owns it all now….

Muse:  What do you mean I don’t deserve my body?  It’s mine.  Not yours.  Live with it, peasant!

That may be so, but the Intangible realm doesn’t belong to you.

Muse:  Yes it does.  I just bought it.  Anyone who is not rich will be booted out of my realm.  With all the extra room, I greatly expanded my mansion.  It’s the size of a city now.

A mansion the size of a city?  Just listen to yourself!  You booted out a bunch of Intangibles that have every right to live there!

Muse:  They have no right, because I bought it from them.  They got the money.  I got my realm.  Where they live is not my problem.

It should be, because you have now made a bunch of new enemies.

Muse:  Them?  Ha!  I have the perfect security to ward them off!

So you have the whole realm.  Just what are you going to do with a whole realm to yourself?

Muse:  It’s going to become my home.  When my mansion’s complete, it will span the whole realm.  At that point, I will need to acquire your Tangible world, as I’ll be running out of space very soon.

Try it.  No world leader is going to let you have our world.

Muse:  They will, if the price is right.

Then where would everyone live?

Muse:  Where I tell them to.  They would all become my slaves.  Slaves working on the largest garden ever.

Ghost Muse:  Enough!  You are not keeping that Intangible realm!  It’s my home!  And yes, you may own that body, but you don’t deserve it!

Muse:  Yes I do!  Shut up, peasant!

Ghost Muse:  Make me, you spoiled brat!

Muse:  Such insolence!  I am having my breakfast now.  A breakfast that none of you would ever be able to afford.  Ta ta!

Ghost Muse:  If she is going to take my home, I’m just going to haunt her.

She deserves it.  Go ahead.

Remedy:  This is getting bad.  I can’t live in that realm anymore!

You can live here for now.

Remedy:  Do you have room?  Because it’s only a matter of time before every lower income Intangible is booted out.

I don’t know.  What are we talking?

Remedy:  We’re looking at millions.

What?  Millions?   Put that on hold for now.  I need to get ready!

Remedy:  Go ahead.  Me and the “real” Muse will be in the other room.

Ghost Muse:  Talk to you later, Kyle!


This is getting bad.  There is only 44 more days before the Muse becomes something different.  Hopefully, she will be something better….

Today’s high is going to be 40 degrees and the silver lining is getting paid today.

To those of you who love pay days and the somewhat adequate temperatures, I hope that you all have a fantastic day.


Muse:  Those filthy rich Intangibles may live in my realm for a while.  What they don’t know is that they will soon become my slaves.  Ha ha ha ha ha!!!!