Me & My Muse – Day 251: No Turning Back, No Holding Back

This afternoon, I experienced history in the making at my church.

But to really experience it, you would’ve had to have been there yourself.  All I can do is reflect on this event that has taken place.

And to reflect, I can’t help but mention the Lord Jesus, who was the center of David Bryant’s “Christ is NOW” series.  In these nine weeks, I have experienced the spectacular supremacy of Christ, and who he is TO us, FOR us, OVER us, BEFORE us, WITHIN us, THROUGH us and UPON us.

And after today, I am convinced that Midland Free will never be the same again.  They can’t, after the entire church has experienced the fullness of Christ.  With the entire congregation, I recited a prayer that will serve as a compact for the church.  In the compact/prayer that I recited, it confessed all the selfish acts that everyone was guilty of doing at one point.  Selfish acts like using Jesus to serve my own desires and plans.  Using Him as a blessing machine to bless what I’m doing.  Having a self-centered and shallow relationship with Christ, intending Him only for personal benefits with little thought of sharing in Him as a child of God.  All of this was confessed as one body.

The next part of the prayer were promises that I made with the whole congregation.  He was treated as a mascot instead of a King.  This too, was confessed as a body.

The most important part of the prayer was what got my attention.  No Turning Back.  If anyone in that congregation who was there goes back on this,  they have shown themselves to not be a true servant of Christ and the truth is not in them.  These three words are important to me as a follower, and now, proclaimer of Christ.  For those who were with me who meant it in their hearts, Christ has conquered us.  And we all together will proclaim his purpose.  To exalt His name, extend His reign, enhance His fame, increase His gain and magnify His claim.

Having said the prayer with the congregation, I celebrate the truth with Christ.  It doesn’t matter what it costs or where I will be taken.  I belong to Him and live for Him alone.


Muse:  Amen!

Thank you for not interrupting.

Muse:  How could I?  What you said was so important.  I had to wait for you to finish.

Thank you for waiting.  This is something that I could not hold back,  no matter how long I waited.

Muse:  And I’m glad that you shared it.

Now I would like to talk more, but I need to get ready to go over to my friend’s house.

Muse:  Well, if you have to go to your friend’s house, don’t keep him waiting!

I’m not.  He said that I could come anytime.

Muse:  That’s good.  I now need to prepare for my company.  Bye!


To summarize what I said, there is no turning back.  As an individual, anyone could fall short of keeping this promise.  But through the grace of God, the promise will be kept.  If I am truly His, He will protect me from going any other direction than the direction that He wants me to go.

For today, I will be going to my friend’s house.  After that, I will shop for some cereals.  Going to church today and going to my friend’s house in a little bit is this day in a nutshell.

Today’s high is going to be 21 degrees and the silver lining is experiencing today’s worship service and going to my friend’s house.

To those of you who have ever been asked to uphold an important promise, I hope that you all have a fantastic day.


Muse:  Eeek!  She’s almost here and this place is a mess!  I need to clean this place, and fast!