Me & My Muse – Day 199: Short and Sweet 42 – Time to Unwind!

See if you can top this.

I did the following:

– Delivered a work computer to my dad

– Shoveled my grandparent’s driveway

– Met with my college professor and had a discussion

– Completed a questionnaire for the H&R Block job I already applied for

– Wrote a rough draft of a communications plan

If you can top this, well, kudos.  I will now exhale and immerse myself in an activity that will relieve stress and lower my heart rate.  It may involve reading a book or playing a video game resembling a newly remastered classic from my childhood.  I have earned the right to relax.  A right that can only be purchased through hours of sweat and headaches.

Today’s high was 11 degrees and the silver lining is finally being able to unwind.

To those of you who are enjoying yourselves after a long day of work, I hope that you all have a fantastic day.


Muse:  Long day, huh?  Enjoy your evening!  You earned it!