Me & My Muse – Day 190: Sushi and Snow

Usually the two don’t go together.  But on a night like tonight, they did.

When me and my brother started getting sushi tonight, it started to snow.  Despite the flurries, it didn’t sway my decision to go to Genji’s and spend my $20 gift card that I got for Christmas.


Muse:  You got some sushi?

Yes.  And it was good.  And might I add that it was well worth driving in the snow to have it.

Muse:  It’s so good!  I just had a dynamite roll the other night.

Dynamite roll?

Muse:  It’s a sushi roll with eel, avocado, cream cheese and cucumber drizzled in a spicy jalapeno sauce, a flaming habanero sauce and a brutally hot ghost chili sauce.  It’s pretty hot!

I’ll say!  I’m guessing that it numbs your mouth upon contact.  How can you stand that?  It must be your Intangible abilities, right?

Muse:  Wrong.  I don’t use them when I enjoy sushi.  I just let the burn happen!  Where’s the fun with Tangible senses if you don’t get to use them?

Fair enough.  The sushi that I had tonight was the Cupid Roll and the Hot Jamaican roll.

Muse:  Those are good ones, too.  I know that your place doesn’t have the dynamite roll.

Of course not!  That’s pretty hot!  Maybe at a sushi bar in San Antonio….

Muse:  Well, I’m going to read my book now.  Let me know when you want to talk about the movie Frozen.

That will most likely be Thursday.  Enjoy your book!

Muse:  Thank you!  Don’t forget to start reading yours too!  Good night!


I won’t.  I read The Timekeeper so I’ll definitely read this one….

Tomorrow will require a little shoveling, but I can handle it.

Today’s high was 34 degrees and the silver lining was having some sushi.

To those of you who are nice and warm tonight, I hope that you all have a fantastic night.


Muse:  This book is getting pretty good.  Maybe a couple more chapters….