Me & My Muse – Day 186: Waiting to Exhale

I’m taking the plunge.  The inevitable plunge into the briny sea of drudgery.  The relentless assault of events that will deny my ability to intake any additional oxygen.  First, I work six hours at the pizza pit.  After that, it’s an awkward self-inflicted sentence to an uncharacteristically early bedtime on a Friday night.  Following that is rising early on Saturday morning to attend a Toastmasters training in Frankenmuth at 7;45 in the morning.  When this training ends in the afternoon, I will be hastily jettisoned to the carpooling site only to be escorted back to the pizza pit for another four mind-numbing hours of menial labor.  After that, then, only then, will I finally be able to exhale.

In the meantime, I am gathering oxygen.  I am collecting as much air as I can to take the largest breath.  The breath that will last a little more than a day.  Because when you are in the deepest deeps like I am, holding your breath is a must.  We are not talking the Mariana Trench, but my own personal deep, and the deeps that we experience in our lives.


Muse:  For me, it would be 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.  Not a trial that I’m facing, however, but a book that I’m enjoying very much.

Literature may soothe you, but leisure will have to wait for me.  As of Saturday evening, my lungs will be jumping for joy.  Prior to The Plunge, I need to seek desirable employers that I could work for in order to fully utilize my innate skills and talents.

Muse:  Well, go on and do that.  As for your trial, I wish you luck.  You’ll get through it.  I know you will.  And you’ll find that employer, too.  Trust me.

Trust is something that I cling to, and is more strongly established through empirical proof.

Muse:  You need something that will solidify that trust that you desire.  Don’t worry.  You’ll receive it.   I will now go and read.

I surely hope so.  It would serve as a fine remedy for a waning mote of trust….


Today’s high is going to be 33 degrees and the silver lining will be getting paid today.

For those of you who have ever plunged into your own deeps, I hope that you all have a fantastic day.


Muse:  Your trust is there.  The very act of you pursuing this is clear proof.  Good luck with the plunge!