Me & My Muse – Day 166: Making a List, Checking it Twice

But am I finding out who’s naughty or nice?  No.  And there is a reason behind that.  The list that I am making is not a list of the 2 billion children that exist in this world.  The list that I am making is a list of all the things that I need to do before Christmas.  It is a short list, and I plan on getting mostly everything done on it today.

The Winter Solstice is also today, so if you think our days are too short, don’t worry.  Today will be the shortest day of the year.  After that, our days will slowly and gradually get longer and longer.

Getting back to the list, one of those items are in progress.  My bedding needed to get washed so I am getting that done.  That will be another item that I will be able to check off once my bedding and comforter is washed and dried.

That is an example of one of the items on my list.  As for the others, I will leave that up to your imagination to figure them out.


Muse:  You don’t have a list.

That is where you are wrong.  The list that I have is a mental list.  It saves paper and I can throw it away when I am done.

Muse:  Fair enough.  With you being a Club Coach, you surely have a couple of Toastmasters things on that list, right?

I do, and the items on my list are ordered by priority.  I will get to those items as the others are completed.

Muse:  My Intangible Toastmasters District is doing fine, and I have appointed an assistant District Governor to oversee things in my absence.  She will be the District Governor next year, if no one else wants to step up.

Sounds good.  Another item on that list is more recreational, and it will be done later on.

Muse:  Christmas footage, right?  I just got through my 21st Christmas.  I don’t have too many more to go!

And how old are you?

Muse:  What do you think?  I believe you are asking that question for the audience’s benefit.  We share the same birthdate.  You do the math.

Yes,  I am asking that question for their benefit.  I think that it’s important that everyone knows your age.

Muse:  And why is it important now?

You just mentioned that you finished watching your 21st Christmas.  With that information, I wanted everyone to know that you’re as old as I am.

Muse:  Why wouldn’t I be?  I’m the steward of your imagination!

Not everyone knows that about you, and I wanted to make that clear.  The new people that just started reading this would not even know a thing about you.

Muse:  You have a point there.  Anyway, I have my own list that I’m working on.  So far, half of it is done, and I want to finish the other half.  The end, of course, consists of watching those last remaining Christmases.

Well, let’s complete our lists then.

Muse:  I’m way ahead of you on that.  Good luck on yours.  Bye!


I almost have my laundry done. There was some difficulty in balancing the load, since one of my covers absorbs a lot of water when it’s wet.  I had to take it out and let everything else spin out.  I am now spinning that blanket out.  After this, I have a few more items to go before my list is complete.

Today’s high is going to be 32 degrees and the silver lining will be getting my list accomplished.

To everyone who loves to finish their to-do list, I hope that you all have a fantastic day.


Muse:  Laundry trouble?  That is not an issue for me, since my bedding can cleaned instantly.  As much as I want to be a real person, there are some advantages to being an Intangible, and I prefer those advantages a little more than the drawbacks my Tangible master has to deal with.  Time to go and make some cookies!