Me & My Muse – Day 154: Snow Problem

As I said yesterday, it started snowing when I left work.

With it snowing last night, it’s pretty obvious what I had to do this morning.

But I didn’t shovel it right away.  First, I shoveled my grandparent’s driveway.  After that, I used the snowblower on the driveway, shoveled off all the decks, shoveled the walk and shoveled the back driveway.


Muse:  Did you just finish?  I finished my driveway early.  After that, I started playing in the snow.  I have such fond memories of doing this when I was younger….

I imagine.

Muse:  In fact, I’m going inside now.  I’m making myself a nice big cup of hot chocolate.

That sounds good. I might have to do that myself.

Muse:  It looks like you had way more snow to shovel than me.

I know, but I’m master at handling snow.  It was “snow problem”..

Muse:  Referencing the title?  How original.

Why not?  I haven’t done so in a while.  Anyway, I need to get ready.

Muse:  I’ll say!  *wolf whistles*

Um,   don’t say anything else about that!

Muse:  Just get in the shower!  You’re in nothing but your undies….

I said stop!

Muse:  Sorry….I couldn’t help myself!  Besides, you look kind of cute in them…

Well, I’m not modeling Calvin Klein here.  Enough.  I’ll get a shower.

Muse:  And I’ll get my hot chocolate!

After you get your shower?  You’re kind of sweaty in all those clothes….

Muse:  Fair enough.  We’ll both get showers.  Bye….


Well, I have today and tomorrow off, so I’ll finally be able to take a breather.  The snow is all shoveled, so I don’t have to worry about that.

The high today is going to be 29 degrees and the silver lining is having today off.

To all of you who like being finished with shoveling snow, I hope that you all have a fantastic day.


Muse:  Why does he get all defensive when I talk about his underwear?  I thought it was cute and funny, but I’ll stop for his sake.  There.  All clean.  Time for my hot chocolate!