Me & My Muse – Day 112: Late Shift….Meh….

The title says it all.  I have a 4 to 8 shift at Little Caesars.  This all the more proves why I don’t like part-time jobs.  The hours are inconsistent and you have to work on the weekends.

To put things in perspective, most people begin their work day at around 8 or 9 in the morning, and typically end at around 5 to 6 at night.  My shift ENDS 2 to 3 hours later than the typical nine-to-fiver.

My ship is late, and is way overdue to arrive.  The seeds are planted, but there is no fruit to be seen yet.  If you know me, I am the kind of person who hopes for the best.  The one that rises to the occasion when something needs to get done.

Now while I hope for the best, I have my low days.  I mean, we all have them now and then, but most of us prefer not to share them.  And that bothers me.  We need to know the point of growth that we all experience.  Those low days are the days that we grow the most.  They are the trials and tribulations in our lives that really test what we are made of.  If we decide to hide this from everyone else, how can they know how we grew in the first place?  Sometimes, its the darkest days that help us the most.  These are the catalysts of adversity that end up shaping and molding who we are.

Looking at my experience in food, I think that five years is five years too long.  Two years at Burger King and three years at Little Caesars.  These are jobs that were meant to be stepping stones.  Stepping stones leading to something better.

I certainly don’t think I’m doing anything wrong.  Toastmasters has given me so many opportunities to better myself in communication, and especially leadership.  At the club level, I have served the basic roles: Sergeant At Arms and Secretary.  I also served the higher roles, including Vice President Public Relations, Vice President Membership (my current role) and Vice President Education.  This leaves President and Treasurer, two roles that I have yet to fill.

In addition to serving these roles and attending numerous training sessions for them, I have judged speech contests at every level, served as a Sergeant at Arms at my first conference and have attended a total of nine District Conferences.

From the above experience that I have listed, all of these skills are transferrible, and would fit well into a management job of some kind.

Therein lies the issue.  The skills must match the experience.  I could have 50 of these skills, but I would need the education and experience to fulfill that role.

Getting back to the point, my ship is late.  It is overdue to make port, and I need it to happen soon.  My passion is in writing.  I know it.  But i might need a life coach to better guide where that passion leads.  The only problem with that is that I don’t have the money for a life coach, but I most certainly have the time.

Until then, my immediate reality is today.  Confined in a minimum wage prison, creating the best pizzas that I possibly can.  This is my lemonade from those lemons of life, and I will do my best to serve them to all my hungry clients.

And I will do this, all the while, carefully listening to the faint blast of a horn.  A horn that just might belong to my ship….


Muse:  Nice reflective piece.  Now, are you going to read?

I will when you stop nagging me about it.

Muse:  It’s for your own good!  Remember what you learned about setting goals….Don’t want that autopilot to set in!

It won’t. Now if you would excuse me, I have some reading and writing to do….

Muse:  I’ll believe it when I see it.  And we’ll see, Mr. Writer….


So you heard me from the beginning.  A dreadfully late shift and that’s about it.  The least I can do is make the most of this day.

Today’s high is going to be 46 degrees and the silver lining will be having a little extra time before work.

To all of you who are still waiting for their ship to arrive, I hope that you all have a fantastic day.


Muse:  Justice always finds those that need it the most.  I wish the best for my master.  But we’ll see if he gets his reading and writing done today….