Me & My Muse – Day 44: But you’re Still Hungry….

There.  I gave my Muse that roast she wanted last night, even though it won’t satisfy her hunger.  I tried to explain to her that real food doesn’t work on Intangibles and only ideas can satisfy her hunger, but she doesn’t seem to get it.  She definitely is acting more and more like the age she looks, and it’s freaking me out….


Muse:  I’m hungry!  I’m so hungry!!!

Have you had a few giant chocolate sculptures and your hot fudge sundae mountain?

Muse:  I already had that, and I’m still hungry!

Well, that further proves my point.  None of the food I eat will ever satisfy your hunger.  Did you ever think of that?

Muse:  No.  I’m just hungry!  Can you give me something to eat?  I am starving!  Feed me!

Feed yourself.  My food doesn’t work.  When was the last time you had those ideas?

Muse:  Um….I think it was….one….two days ago!

Why don’t you have more of those?

Muse:  All the new ones are dead.  They’re not even growing at all.  But can you give me something to eat?  Please?

All of them are dead?  WHAT?  This is worse than I thought!  Why didn’t you raise them?

Muse:  How do I raise them?  I’m not a mommy!  Tee hee….OW!  My stomach!

Well, without those ideas, you are going to starve to death.  And I am not going to let that happen.  You have taken this too far.  Now, can you tell me the secret?

Muse:  What secret?

You know the one….

Muse:  Oh!  That one!  But you’re an adult, so I can’t tell you!  Sorry!  Tee hee!

If you tell me, I might be able to figure out this problem.

Muse:  Forget that!  I’m hungry!  Feed me NOW!

I can’t!  Those ideas are the only thing that can nourish you.  Don’t you get it?

Muse:  Fine!  I’ll feed myself  Another ice cream mountain and 5,000 more Kit Kat bars!  I’m still hungry!  Why?!!

I would raise some of the ideas myself, but that’s your department, not mine.  I wouldn’t know the first thing of how to do it.

Muse:  Why isn’t this food working?

Why isn’t your brain working?  Oh, that’s right!  Because it’s a five-year old’s brain.  Not an adult brain!

Muse:  Stop making fun of me and feed me!  FEED ME! FEED ME! FEED ME! FEED ME! FEED ME!

Here.  3 Hot N’ Readys and 2 Deep Deep Dishes.  None of which will even affect your hunger, since you’re an Intangible.

Muse:  om nom nom nom!  I’m still hungry!  Keep feeding me until I’m full!

You’ll never get full!  The food doesn’t work!  It’s like water, but without the matter!  You need IDEAS….

Muse:  I hate you, because you won’t feed me!  Keep feeding me!  FEED ME! FEED ME! FEED ME! FEED M….

There.  I had to tranquilize you with that leash that the old man gave me.  This discussion was getting nowhere, and I had to put you out.  It’s for your own good okay?

Muse:  Still….hungry….Feed me…..Please….. *snore*


Back in my head you go.  I hope that the old man has a new cure soon.  With the cure, I can restore her memories to an earlier state, so that she knows how to raise ideas again….But he has to work fast.  In just a couple more days, my Muse will die….

Today’s high is a blazing 90 degrees.  The silver lining will be more progress on my story, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed on that one.

To all of you who have their hunger satisfied, I hope that you all have a fantastic day.


Muse:  Ohhhhhhhhh……OH!  So hungry!   Must eat something!  Waah-hah-hah…..

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