Think & Write #130

That’s a Wrap

Irene opened her closet in her bedroom.  When she did this, a whole bunch of gifts poured out, almost knocking her over.

Looking at all the gifts, there was so many things to wrap!  A toy train for Billy.  A power wrench for uncle Clifford.  A video game for little Justine’s handheld.  A new toaster oven for the family.  A one-cup coffee maker for herself.  A new blu-ray player for her husband, Scott.   And that was only a few of them.  With roll upon roll of wrapping paper and her trusty pair of red scissors and gift wrap tape, she was ready.


Joe had just returned from the mall.  In his various bags were gifts that he bought for all his friends.  His gifts that he would buy for his family would be done on another day.  With all the bags, he dumped them on his bed.  Grabbing the wrapping paper, scissors and tape, he was ready to start wrapping.  This would include that nice gold bracelet that he bought for his girlfriend Lauren.  That sports video game that he bought for Ned.  A $10 gift card to the movie theater that he bought for three of his friends.  Another gift card was for his girlfriend again.  A gift card to a restaurant so that they could eat there together.  So Joe sat there, wrapping every gift that he bought.  What remained in the bag were all the Christmas cards that he would get to later on.


Tiffany sat there, with a wadded mess of wrapping paper.  Somewhere in that paper was some kind of box, which had a gift inside.  Taking the messily wrapped gift, she went into the living room with it and showed her mother.

“Look mommy!  I wrapped a present!”

The mother looked at the bulgy box, decorated in Christmas trees and snowflakes in a dark blue background.  This was Tiffany’s first present that she ever wrapped, so she didn’t want to discourage her.  The waste of wrapping paper didn’t matter to her.  All that mattered was that her daughter tried.

“It looks nice, honey!” the mother said as she pat her on the back.  “Thank you for wrapping daddy’s gift for me.”

The mother smiled, looking at the Christmas tree, decorated with lights.  With all the gifts that needed to be wrapped, she knew that tonight was going to be a busy night.


©2012  K. L. Walker