Think & Write #119

Server Crash

It happened again.  It has happened before today, but now, this is getting ridiculous.

For the fifth time in a row, Halmart’s server crashed.  With a day like today, it doesn’t surprise me at all.

On a day like today, who can blame these people?  On the home page, you can get a 35-inch HDTV for only $99!  No.  They did not make a mistake.  It is $99, for today only!

With deals like this on the front page of the website, I have barely been able to navigate anywhere on the website.

Desperate to get some kind of deal, I go to the website for my favorite electronics store: Best Deal.  I get the dreaded 404 error message instead.  Are there really that many people who care about these deals?  I guess there is, because I’m one of them.

On Black Friday, you have to wait in line.  On Cyber Monday, however, you have to wait for them to fix the servers.  The servers for both Halmart and Best Deal are down, so I’m trying another site.

How about Brookingdales?  Nope.  The server crashed.

Maybe will work?  It was working fine, until I navigated to the next page.  Yet another error message.

Having done this for a few years now, Cyber Monday can be fun.  That is, if you can get through the cyber traffic.  If you can, congratulations.  You have just scored a major deal.  If not, sorry.  You’ll have to wait.  And screaming at your computer isn’t going to help the problem get fixed any faster.

In whatever case, make yourself cozy, because you will be sitting there for a while.  And you’ll be hitting the refresh button.  A lot.


©2012  K. L. Walker

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