Think & Write #114

Restoring History

Toric was surrounded.  It was an army of soldiers in hi-tech suits.  His opinion did not matter.  The word freedom did not hold any meaning to them.

Freedom was a new idea to Toric.  An idea that he just learned about.  But the soldiers told him a different story.  “Freedom is what rebels choose.” they told him.  “And these rebels pay the ultimate price.”

But that didn’t matter to Toric.  Toric would pay any price for freedom, no matter how high the cost.

With that, Toric dove for the switch in the center.  This would activate an explosive that would tear the very fabric of time and space.  Some say that it would even reset time itself.  Just as he tripped the switch, he was shot to death.

Then the explosion happened.  Time reset, beginning with the earliest era.   The date of creation.

A few thousand years later, the events began to converge again.  All leading up to the one that began the slavery of all mankind.  The One World Faction, the Collective and the Rebels.  All of the same events were about to happen again.  It all lied in the hands of one man.  Either decision he made would change history forever….


©2012  K. L. Walker