Think & Write #105


After thinking about this for a while, I have made a decision.  I am going to see a back doctor.

Now my friends are already aware of my endless battles with back pain.  Steve, Rodney, Jonas and Cynthia.  After seeing four doctors  and having five appointments, I have decided that enough is enough.

Getting out of bed, my mind is made up.  None of the treatments that gave me were that effective.  Granted, they worked for a time, but they only provided temporary relief.

I stood up, my back beginning to throb in pain.  I called the office and explained the whole situation to them.

“Is your back hurting again?” the receptionist asked me.  “I can schedule another appointment for you with Dr. Murphy….”

“I don’t want him!” I shouted.  “Refer me to a specialist!  A back doctor that could actually treat me more effectively!”

A short pause.  “I’m sorry,” the receptionist apologized.  “But first, I will have to consult the doctor before he can make any kind of referral.  And then we have to find one….”

Now I’m getting impatient, and in a lot of pain, too!  “Just hurry,” I pleaded.  “I am in a lot of pain, so please refer me to someone quickly.”

Another pause.  “How bad is the pain?” the receptionist asked.

“It’s getting worse by the second, and it’s in my lower back,” I told her.

“Okay, Jake.  We will tell Dr. Murphy right away, and he’ll refer you to a back doctor.  Come right in and we’ll get you into one.”

I sighed with relief, but still winced at the pain in my back.  I took another extra strength aspirin and got in the car, praying that the pain would stop.


©2012  K. L. Walker