Think & Write #99

Catching Up

Milton looked at his computer screen and sighed.  On it was a spreadsheet filled with games that he hasn’t played yet.  This list was growing by the day.

Since he finally had the day off.  He decided to start on that list.  He began on the ones that he already started that were in progress.

Milton loaded the cartridge and turned on the console.  It was a classic game that he has played before but never beat.  After what seemed like several tries, he beat the game.

Milton took the cartridge out.  “Next!” he shouted, moving to the next one on his list.

The next game that he had to play was a PC game.  This was a another game that he had in progress, and it was almost done.  In an hours time, he was able to beat it.

Yet another game that he got back to was on one of his newer consoles.  It was an easy game, and all the trophies were easy to get on it.

After finishing that game, Milton took a break.  During the break, Milton went to his website.  Looking at his blog, he gasped.  “Haven’t updated this thing in months,” he chuckled.  And with that, he quickly composed a new post, updating everyone on what was going on.  After posting it, he let out a sigh of relief.

“Three games beat and one blog post made,” he said, smiling.  “My time is so precious now.  Since that promotion, I’ve had almost no free time.  Managing data can be a headache….”

For the rest of the day, Milton spent his time catching up on things he usually didn’t have time for.  He caught up on his laundry, dishes and another chapter of a book that he was in the middle of reading.  While it wasn’t much, it was better than nothing.

As Milton went to bed, he closed his eyes, hoping that he would eventually have another day like this.


©2012  K. L. Walker