Think & Write #86

The Perfect Costume

Edgar went up and down the aisles at the costume shop.  There was not a single costume that he wanted.  There was a Frankenstein, Dracula, mummy, and many other classics.  None of them suited him at all.

If only I could find the perfect costume,  he thought.  It has to be scary, and it has to be fresh….

“Are you almost done, Edgar?” An impatient voice shouted.

Edgar looked up and saw his girlfriend Jodie with her arms folded over.  She was holding her costume, which looked like some kind of imp.  “Do you want me to help you?” she asked him.  “Our costumes need to match, you know.”

Edgar nodded impatiently.  “I know, I know.  Will you let me keep looking?”

Jodie sighed.  “I would, but have been here for an hour!  Let me help you find something and let’s go!”

Jodie fixed her attention on a werewolf costume that was right next to them.  “Why don’t you be that?” she suggested.  “It’s even in your size.”

Edgar sighed.  “I haven’t found anything else, so why not?”

And it was settled.  He bought the costume and they both left.

When he got home, he put his costume on and so did Jodie.  It was then that he found out that they look so good together.  It was the perfect costume, and he was glad that she suggested it.


©2012  K. L. Walker

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