Think & Write #67

From Y to X and Back

A strange thing happened to me today.  After encountering it, I have regrets of having experienced it in the first place.  I saw Julia’s skin laying on the floor and I put it on.

Yes.  I put on her skin.  The skin was beautiful, just as I believed my wife Julia to be.

But wearing it was totally different.  For starters, my body felt totally different.  Upon entering the bathroom, my suspicions were confirmed.  There I stood, staring at the mirror with Julia’s breasts.  Upon feeling them, it just didn’t feel right when I had Julia’s skin on.  I had Julia’s beautiful long hair and her lovely eyes.  With her skin, I was Julia for the moment.

All of a sudden, I felt a mood swing.  I was angry and upset.  Now I understood what Julia meant when she was on her period.  It felt strange and equally awkward experiencing it in a woman’s body.

The more time I spent with her skin, the more I missed being my own sweet self.  This was especially felt when I suddenly had to go to the bathroom.  I thought that I wasn’t going to make it, but I did just barely.  It bothered me that I had to use toilet paper.  There’s only one place where toilet paper goes for me, and it’s not where women put it.

After folding the paper and tossing it in the toilet, I flushed.  I then looked down at her private parts.  It  was supposed to be fun, but it felt different having Julie’s mind.  It felt more normal.  It’s quite strange and awkward.  I can’t really explain it unless you were a man and were to experience this yourself.

I then approached the drawer to find the tampons.  At that point, it started to creep me out.  I realized that I was still wearing Julia’s skin.  It was too much for me, so I quickly removed her skin and sat it neatly on the floor.

Since I have done this, I have some regrets.  How will I look at Julia the same way again?  I experienced who she was without her knowing it.  I now understand what it’s like to be Julia.  All the hardships that women face daily.  Maybe a part of her is still there inside of me.  A part of her skin that I haven’t removed.  It was altogether awkward and strange.

With that, I will offer just one last word of advice.  If you ever see someone’s skin lying on the floor, DO NOT wear it.  It will change what you think of them forever.  You will see everything through their eyes with an awkward taste of their reality.  I have tasted Julie’s reality, and I’m still trying to get that taste out of my mouth.


©2012  K. L. Walker