Think & Write #65

Autumn Lawn

Darren looked at the lawn and sighed.  It was just as he feared.  A lawn full of tall grass, covered in leaves.

While the lawn was not that bad, it was the leaves that bother them.  Each one of them was an obstacle to getting the lawn cut.

With the leaves, Darren now had two jobs.  First, he had to rake all the leaves up.   When they were finally taken to the woods, then he could start on the lawn.

Darren, full of reluctance, put on his coat and got out there.  He began raking all the leaves up.  It was a vast army.  He used the tarp as a net to capture the leafy army and then dragged them to the woods.

So far, so good….Darren thought.  Right?  After he looked at the yard, Darren realized that he was only a quarter of the way done with the raking.  At this rate, it will take him forever to mow the lawn.  He glared at the leaves, raking them up vigorously and dragging them into the woods with the tarp.  This was why Darren hated fall.  It was because of the leaves.  It was pretty much the only reason.

Darren checked again.  Halfway done.  This is taking forever!

As Darren was raking, a strong wind blew, causing the trees to drop even more leaves on the ground.  “No….” he growled.

Faster and faster Darren raked.  Raking and dragging them into the woods.  Wash, rinse, repeat.

Finally, Darren was done.  All that remained was the lawn.  “I hate fall,” he sighed as he put the rake away.


©2012  K. L. Walker

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