Think & Write #46

The Perfect Cup

I go to the coffee house, after a hard day from work.

I take out my laptop and connect to the internet.

Before I even get started, I order a cup of coffee.

From all the times that I’ve been to this coffee house, I have tried to create the perfect cup.  And from my experience, I have gotten pretty close.

I tell the barista exactly the way I want it, with a few adjustments from last time.  Being one of their regular customers, they know exactly what to do.  A little hazelnut creme, a little milk and a tiny shot of espresso.  I can’t quite describe it, but I know what the perfect cup is supposed to taste like.

After they prepared my concoction, they stirred it up and I took a sip.  They almost got it!  From what I’ve been seeing, they have been getting closer and closer every time.

I take my cup and sit down.  I open up my word document and continue working on my story.  I am almost finished with it.  It’s one of those cheesy romance novels, but I like writing them.  My friends think that I should write mystery or fantasy, but that’s not me.

One of my friends came into the coffee shop.  “Hey Jonas, have you drank the perfect cup yet?”

I held the half-drank cup in my hand and shook my head.  “Almost.”  I told him.  “They almost got it.  They’ll get it some day.”

And I was right.  About a month later, they finally gave me the perfect cup.  It was the same ingredients as before, but in different amounts.  Not too much.  Not too little.  Just right.  Hazelnut, milk, espresso.  All of them perfectly mixed together.

That was my first taste of perfection, and most certainly the only taste that I ever experienced.  They couldn’t duplicate it again.  To this day, that cup was the best cup of coffee that I ever tasted.


©2012  K. L. Walker

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