Think & Write #26

Presentation Day

Tina was nervous.  This was the day that she had to give her presentation at work.  Weeks ago, she was asked to give a 7 minute presentation on workplace safety.  While Tina knew a lot about workplace safety, she really didn’t spend that much time practicing.

With merely 3 hours remaining before her presentation, Tina sat in her office, quietly practicing her presentation.  This was going to get done.  She knew what she was going to say.  She just needed to organize her ideas into a clear and coherent message.  And this message had to be condensed into 7 minutes.

With too much material already, Tina started cutting material out of her speech.  For safety hazards, she omitted a few, decided that she would only outline the most important ones.  For the safety precautions, she removed a few steps and shortened a few others.  If anything, she could direct everyone to the website at the end of her presentation.  Also, with her being the expert on the topic, anyone could talk to her at the end if they had any questions.

With the speech hovering around 7 minutes Tina was now confident.  With an hour remaining, she knew that she could give this speech.  All she needed now was to polish her speech.  A few gestures, and vocal variety, when she explained certain scenarios regarding safety in the workplace.  The other thing she needed to polish was her conclusion.  Other than that, Tina was ready.  If done well, she knew that she could get that nice promotion.  A bonus would also be added to that.   With that, Tina  took a deep breath, and spent the remainder of her time practicing….


©2012  K. L. Walker