Think & Write #19

Crash and Burn

Brad opened his eyes.  Everything was a blur.  He could hear the sound of beeping.

The room that he was in was sterile, and he could see several people surrounding him.  What’s going on here?

“He’s regaining consciousness.”  A nurse said.

“Heart rate is increasing and becoming steady.” Another said.

Brad’s vision became a blur.  It was all a blur to him.

Before this, all Brad could remember is driving on his motorcycle.  He was leaving a bar and on his way home.  Suddenly, he started to nod off.  His motorcycle veered off the road.  That’s all that he could remember.

“Where….Where am I?”  Brad said in confusion.

“You’re in the hospital, Brad.” A doctor told him.  “Someone found you in a ditch, off the side of the road.  The motorcycle was nearby, all busted.  You should be lucky that you are alive.”

Brad didn’t know what to say.  All that he wanted to do was get home.  He didn’t want to be all confined in this hospital.  He wanted to be free.  But when he tried to move, all that he could feel was pain.


©2012  K. L. Walker