I can’t make words…..

I’m sorry.  But the words just aren’t coming to me.  Call it writer’s block in its worst case.

Sure, I used to write a lot, but that I was then.  Looking at my past work, I’m nowhere near where I used to be.  I was clever, witty and was real effective in plot development.

I’ll say it now.  I’m done with writing.  This site will go on, but it will take a different direction than where I intended it to go.

As for my progress on Project Fountain, there really isn’t any at all.  I quit the project and discarded it.  It was a stupid story idea to begin with.

For tomorrow, it’s back to the grind.  I’ll let you know later what I decide to do to the website….

I have one other thing to say about that:


Check back tomorrow for a real update on my story….