What’s in a Name?

When someone introduces themselves, they usually give you their name.  For some people, it is an exchange of friendship.  For others, they want to know their name for purely selfish reasons.

Now why would these people want to know their name?  Well, by doing this, knowing their name gives them power and influence over that person.

In the case of the movie Spirited Away,  Chihiro gave Yubaba her name when she was signing her work contract.  Once Yubaba got her name, she was able to have influence over her.  In doing this, she took most of her name, leaving the first character in it.  With that, her new identity was “Sen”.

With that, names are important.  They define who we are and we give them to people that we trust.  I take names seriously with my relationships with people, and when I go about creating new names for characters in my stories.  In going through this process, I want to ensure that I give them the right name.  One that defines who they are.

So the next time someone asks for your name, carefully examine who they are.  Is it someone you know?  Someone you can trust?  If so, then tell them.

Just to let you know, this process of introspective thinking came to me while I was watching this wonderful movie.  Spirited Away is my favorite Miyazaki film, and the  first of his films that I have seen.  (The first time I saw it was at least eight years ago.)

In related news, I have not forgot about The Infinity Code.  I have been a little busy, but will definitely get back to it.

Until then, make yourself at home here.  You know the name of this place, don’t you?  Of course you do, because I’m sharing my various thoughts and stories.  There’s plenty more to see, too.  Remain warm by the fireplace and stay tuned.