The Infinity Code….

What would it be like to live forever?  If this were the case, we would have all the time in the world.  We could live even longer, achieve our goals and have enough time to complete several bucket lists.  In fact, it wouldn’t be called a bucket list anymore.  Now this wouldn’t liberate us from dying altogether, but it would be nice to have a greatly prolonged life span.

Now before you jump to conclusions, this is not a possibility….yet.  In the field of science, it certainly is possible for some lab mice.  Scientists have been able to reverse the aging process of older mice by injecting stem cells from younger mice.  If this can be done with mice, it’s only a matter of time before it can be done with people.

This came from a discussion that I had the other night with my dad.  I was sitting in the car and he was driving.  To break the silence, he suggested to me what I consider to be a really good story idea.

The premise is this.  Looking into the future, let’s say, hypothetically that man has successfully figured out how to reverse the aging process.  Doing this has remarkably changed society as we know it.  With an aging and undying generation capable of controlling the aging process, this leads to the world becoming overpopulated.  Faced with this problem, the solution would either be to find additional resources on other planets or let the strong survive and the weaker and poorer population perish.

The discovery in this book would be coined by the scientific community as the “Infinity Code”.

While this whole story could definitely made into a novel, I believe that making it into a short story would be a better strategy at this point.  In doing this, I would be able to better organize the parts that I would like to include, as well as eliminate the parts that don’t add anything to the story.

I will be cracking the “Infinity Code” soon, so stay tuned and make yourself at home at the Walker Estate….