A Christmas Carol – with a 21st Century twist

That is pretty much the gist of the idea that I have for my next speech for Toastmasters.

With the objective being to take an existing story with a moral and create a new story, I would just be taking the moral that even the worst people can have a change of heart and tell a modernized version of Charles Dickens “A Christmas Carol”.

I have the following characters in mind.

Edward Gecko – This would be the narrator, and the “Scrooge” character.  CEO of Consolidated, Inc. – The company that specializes in everything.

Jack Worsley – This would be the “Bob Cratchet” in this story.

Timothy Worsley – A crippled lad with crutches, due to the Worsley family not having the sufficient funds to pay for his operation.

Jill Worsley – This would be the “Mrs. Cratchet” in this story.

I don’t know if all of these characters will be used, since I only have 4-6 minutes to tell this story.  The first two will definitely be used, as they are crucial to the plot.  The other two might be worked in if I have room.  I definitely want to have all three ghosts in the story, including Gecko’s former business partner (of course, I want “Marley” to be somewhere in his name).

Seeing that I have to present this speech on Tuesday, I better get started. Let the refurbishing of “A Christmas Carol” begin!