I’m back….Hopefully for good this time.

That’s right.  The half-employed blogger is still alive. And the fires are coming from every direction.

The First Fire is Christmas.  All the stress of shopping for everyone, trying to wrap everyone’s gift,  yadda yadda yadda.

The Second Fire is work.  Unfortunately not a very strong fire, mind you since this one is only operating at around half its capacity.  Since this blog temporarily burst into flames, leaving a smoldering pile of ashes in the blogosphere,  I have obtained a new job at Little Caesars.  The hours really suck and I only get minimum wage.  What else is new?   And yeah, I still am holding my job at the gas station, which combined is still not enough to cover the expenses for a one-bedroom apartment.

That is where the Third Fire comes in.  The perpetually dubious job search.  Where do I even start in this damaged market?  From what I hear, writers are a dime a dozen.  Today is not that day with Monster and CareerBuilder is more like CareerBroken.

To make matters worse, I do not even have a niche carved out on who I would write for.  I have tried the “political thing” on this site before and it has torn me apart like tissue paper.  We’ll leave that to the thick-skinned professionals who are able to make a few political jests and make millions in the process (that includes you: Glenn Beck, Bill O’Reilly and Stephen Colbert).

If there were a Fourth Fire, I would have to say that it’s either completely extinguished or barely managing in the form of dim embers.  That is the primary purpose for this site.  To build up this Fourth Fire, I will be posting short stories, story ideas, and other related information to kindle that roaring blaze I hope to achieve.

So please.  Keep yourself warm here.  Make yourself at home here.  There’s plenty of room in the Estate.  Plenty of stories to share. That Third Fire is about to burn me.  To quench this flame, maybe Santa can give me a job offer for Christmas.  It’s the only thing I want this year, and I would be happy if I received it.

So Santa, if you see this, please consider. And yes.  I HAVE been a good boy this year.

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