Where the Frick is the Media?

On Saturday,  nearly one million people protested in Washington regarding the health care bill.  These people want their country back!  I want my country back!

But where was the media to cover it?  Okay, CBS did a little blip on the massive Tea Party.  That’s hardly adequate.  How could they ignore nearly one million protesters?  That’s one frickin’ million and they pretty much dismissed it as a footnote.  The Immaculation (Inauguration) was covered to death by the Left!  About 1.8 million showed up and they covered it for weeks!

Why would they ignore nearly one million protesters? I’ll tell you why.  It’s their agenda.  Washington is playing their same old games and they are not playing by the rules.  Well attention Washington!  America is speaking to you!

These people are all united with one common goal: they want their country back!  They are not being paid to do this.  These people love their country and are sick of being ignored. If an event like this goes nearly unreported,  then the majority of media can’t be trusted anymore.

What remains are the underground media like Fox News and talk radio.  Call it fringe media, or an institution of wackos.  That’s what the Propaganda wants you to think.  Stations like this scare them, and the Left will stop at nothing to try to oust their enemy. I guess the statement is true:  “Ignorance is bliss”.  On the other extreme,  overexposure can lead to insanity.  I stand in the middle, between the two so I’m not taken by surprise, nor driven off the deep end of lunacy.

Looking on the bright side,  this turnout in Washington is a sign that America is waking up.  The Left may tell you otherwise, but that’s their agenda.  Nutcases?  Extremist conservatives?  Far from it.  These are people like you and me that are fed up with the way their elected representatives are running the country, and I support them.