Wild Card Friday – A Morsel of Katamari Goodness.

And man, was it good!  For this week’s Wild Card Friday,  I will share with you my adoration and excitement towards the much anticipated title for Katamari fans everywhere:  Katamari Forever (Katamari Damacy Tribute in Japan).

To begin, I went to the PlayStation Store and downloaded a demo for Katamari Damacy Tribute.  I then played the two levels that were in the demo.  Both of them were pretty good. The first level was a sprinkler level, where you water a desert with your katamari.  After playing a few times, I was able to get over 1,400 square meters, which gave me a score of 100.

The second level was a repeat level from Beautiful Katamari: Delightful Dirigible.  I replayed that level a few times, and was able to get 35cm9mm.  That also gave me 100 points for the level.

While Japan can enjoy this game right now, this was a good appetizer of what to expect in Katamari Forever in just a couple months.  It was no Schloss Cosmos, but I will be able to enjoy that in the distant future.  It really wet my appetite for Katamari Forever.  I can hardly wait!

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