Microsoft Beware! Google’s Gonna Break Some “Windows”

Or so they say.   By the looks of things, Google is targeting Micro$oft right where it hurts: their operating system market.

With their bitter rival breathing down their neck, Micro$oft has plenty to be afraid about.  With Google already having most of the search engine market, this Silicon Valley giant will their opposition hard to crush.

To take it personally, I don’t even use Bing!  Heck, I don’t even know anyone who does.  What the heck is a “decision engine” anyway?  Furthermore, their advertising campaign for their search engine totally sucks.  They just take any word a person says and repeat it in the form of a search result.  Case in point:  “Sucks – something pertaining to suction, the creation of a partial vacuum, or a region of low pressure.”  Totally lame.

Micro$oft better beware, because a new giant is emerging in Mountain View, California.  Okay, Google is already a giant.  Let’s just say an army of giants is starting to emerge. I don’t know if Google’s operating system will succeed or not.  If they do, Micro$oft will be crushed into a fine gelatinous ooze.  Or, the reverse could happen.  What will be the outcome?  Only time will tell.

—- EDIT:  I just realized that this is the 100th post for Walker on Politics.  Here’s to 100 posts on this wonderful source of blogging excellence.  May there be plenty more.