This is Getting Scary….

Kim Jong-il is at it again.  Just recently, he has test-fired two more missiles. Now here’s the question.  Why isn’t there anyone stopping him?  While a test missile isn’t scary, a real missile would be a serious danger to this world. If the most of the world condemns North Korea for testing missiles, why don’t they stop them?

More importantly, why don’t WE stop them? The Obama Regime’s passive attitude on our National Defense is starting to scare me.  Please.  We do not need another 9/11 disaster to happen in this country.

Should history repeat itself (and I pray to God that it doesn’t), this problem would be Obama’s, not Bush’s. Isn’t that right, Commander-in-chief?  Command your troops to go after North Korea and disarm their nuclear facilities.  The world doesn’t need any more fear.