More Emissions Standards = More Expensive For Us

California has had its crazy emissions standards for a while now.  It’s now our turn.  With Obama’s plan to set new fuel and emissions standards for cars and trucks, it’s going to cost us more money. Now granted we would save a little oil, but what’s next for the auto industry?

Imagine this scenario.  Obama enforces so much regulation on the auto industry that the only federally approved cars that we are allowed to drive are the ones that we don’t want.  Heck, if we all drive Beetles we would save even more gas.

But how do you get a family of five into a Beetle? Now that scenario is kind of extreme, considering we are not really there yet.  But this is what I fear for the auto industry.  Trucks are fairly popular sellers.  Especially the big trucks.

Instead of passing some stupid emissions standards, let’s continue with developing hybrids, okay?  They use less gas and they have a rechargeable battery. Washington needs to look at some alternatives before making some hasty decisions.  Again. *cough* Hybrids.  Yes, they’re expensive but the price can be brought down, making it better for the consumer to buy.

And if Washington really wants to save on fuel,  they can park their jets, and drive the shorter distances.  I mean, a little road trip wouldn’t hurt, right?