Excuse Me, But She Should’ve Won.

To all the vapid judges out there (yeah, you too, Perez Hilton), Miss California should’ve been the next Miss USA. The reason why she lost was in a question that blogger Perez Hilton asked her about legalizing gay marriage.

Miss California (Carrie Prejean), in her response, said that marriage should be between a man and a woman.  I for one don’t see anything wrong with having traditional views on marriage.  The judges should respect her views, and just leave it at that.

But that didn’t happen.  Perez Hilton especially wasn’t happy with the answer that Miss California gave.  When spouting out on one of his blog videos, he called Carrie a “stupid b****”.  Well Perez, in being as ostentatious as you are,  don’t you value honesty?  Would you rather have her lie to appease the judges?  Should she have given a different answer, one that supported gay marriage,  none of this backlash would exist in the mainstream media.  I think Perez and the other lowlifes should apologize to Miss California for lambasting her views on traditional marriage.

Miss California, I’m pulling for you.  When Hollywood and all surrounding parts heap insults on people that don’t share their views, they are attacking the very core and foundation of this country.  Like it or not, traditional values are what established our country.

Tradition? Yeah, it’s in the Constitution, punks. I think they should set up the voting for these pageants like American Idol.  That way, America decides, not the judges.  The judges could still be spectators, but one rule must stand.

Simon Cowell can’t be a judge.