It’s Tax Day Eve!

And it’s time to ask the all important question:  Have you done your taxes yet?

There are some people who get their taxes done early and there are others who wait until the very last minute to do them.  Yadda yadda yadda.  You know who you are.

As for me, I did not have to file any, since I have not made a dime last year.  Having invested in the most expensive plaque that you could hang on the wall of your den, my Journalism degree has not found me anything at all.  And this was all at my parent’s expense.  I compare writers to artists, since their disposition is very much the same.  If they can’t sell their work, they will starve to death.

But this blog is not about my unfortunate disposition in being unable to break into the prodigious writing industry.  It is about me, blathering on and on about the latest political headlines that I can get my hands on.  It is about me, entertaining you with my witty banter and razor sharp sarcasm.  It is about me throwing myself to the edge of insanity with my outlandish remarks  and….yeah, you get the point.

Staying on topic, tomorrow is when those taxes are due.  There will also be tea parties going on around the country.  There will be plenty to watch tomorrow, indeed. Why am I going through the hassle of typing this? Heck.  Nobody reads this crap anyways.  The only audience I have here is some crickets and some dead pig corpses from my earlier posts.  With that, I will just say goodbye…to myself.

Dang, I need a publicist.

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