The War on Terror is over!

That’s because the Obama Regime has successfully renamed it.  The “war on terror” has officially retired and is being renamed the  “Overseas Contingency Operation”.

More recently, we’ve noticed that Barack Obama and his aides have barely used “war on terror” at all, in favor of more broad terms like the “ongoing struggle against violence and terrorism.” But let’s face it: “Overseas Contingency Operation” does not exactly roll off the tongue. Just as “The artist formerly known as Prince” was always still “Prince,” the “war” will probably always be the “war.”

I bet you are all thrilled.  Let’s end the “Overseas Contingency Operation”!  It fits…so…well? Now wasn’t the Department of Homeland Security supposed to protect us from TERRORISM?  Oh! I just said the T-word! I better get a “mold consisting of anionic surfactant”.

With all the renaming going on here, I have decided to rename the Department of Homeland Security.  We will now call it the “Department of Political Nomenclature”. If this is what Washington does everyday, then we are doomed.  But hey! At least we have a catchy new name, right?

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