Me & My Muse – Day 3092: Twas the Day Before Christmas…

…and all through the house

Kyle’s got no work so there’s no need to grouse

His Santa cap was sitting on the bedpost with care

Reserved just for Christmas to be crowned on his hair

Kyle’s in the midst of his 17-day vacation

Just 17 whole days of rest and relaxation

Then out of the oven before they get black

I will feast on few a Christmas snack

Then to herald the evening such a sight it will be

When he attends the Christmas Eve service at Midland Free

Then off to my grandma’s house with plenty of cheer

A gathering with snacks. The company’s near

My aunts and my uncles, my grandma too

And three of my cousins, all this I knew

The gathering warm, the noises were loud

The snacking and chatting from a sizable crowd

The day will be merry, the night will be bright

With plenty of snacks on this cold winter night

Then when I get home, I’ll don my PJ’s quick

So we can see a good Christmas flick

Then after that, it is on to tradition

My brother and me must carry out our mission

The time will be jolly, the room filled with heat

When we both watch The Miracle on 34th Street (1994)

Following that, it’s off to bed

Visions of CDs and games will dance in our heads

Looking at this, that’s all I have to say

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good day

Muse: Christmas is tomorrow! Eee! I’m so excited!

I know! Today is another day where I can take a breather. With it being a work holiday, I don’t have to worry about going to work…

Muse: All my things are done too. It’s only a matter of time…I’m so excited!

Wait. You’re a fairy? Why are you a fairy?

Muse: I love this form! And it goes so well with Christmas. You know how that is. Tee hee!

Well, if it makes you happy, go ahead. What about being your other transformation? Are you going to abandon that for Christmas?

Muse: I will. I mean, I’ve been that form for most of the story arc!  And from what I heard from the Dark Muse, I don’t have to worry about her bothering me this year.  Plus we are on a lot better terms than last year…Besides, she’s my sis!

That’s good to hear. Today is going to be exciting. It will be a day to relax before the excitement tomorrow…

Muse: I’m going to shower. Be back in a bit!

Okay. I need to shower myself.

Today’s high is going to be 27 degrees and the silver lining is watching the movie with my brother later tonight. This day is going to be quite fun. Having an extended vacation, I don’t have to worry about work for a while. For today and tomorrow, I’ll be in my next two days of vacation mode. It will be a day of snacking, relaxing and visiting with the family.

To all of you who love having 17 days off, I hope that you all have a fantastic day.

Muse: Tee hee! I can’t wait until tomorrow! I wish I could open my presents early! Eee! I’m so excited! Tee hee…

Twin Muse:  Aren’t you excited, twinnie?

Muse:  Yes I am, sis! I see you’re also a fairy!  Tee hee!

Twin Muse:  Why wouldn’t I be? I love fairies!  Tee hee!  Last one to the egg nog is a loser!

Muse:  Oh no you don’t!

Twin Muse:  Too late!  I already got to the egg nog and… *BURP*  I kind of drank it all…

Muse:  Kind of?  No one “kind of” drinks something…

Twin Muse:  I guess you’re right and…eep!  Oh no!  Hang on, twinnie!  I gotta go!

*Twin Muse flies out of the room quickly, leaving behind a dripping trail*

Muse:  *sigh*  I surely hoped that she packed them.  During the last Christmas that I spent with her, I woke up to wet bedsheets.  She’s sleeping in her own bed…I know that it can’t be helped.  I still do love her…Sis?  Are you okay?

*Muse flies out of the room toward the bathroom to check on her twin sister*

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