Me & My Muse – Day 2620: Breakthrough

Having finished this day, I would like to begin with some encouraging news.  I figured it out.  God revealed to me why I was going through everything.

Where did I find this reveal?  I decided to look up some YouTube videos on God healing people from Insomnia.  I found Aaron Kim’s videos, where he shared his experience with insomnia, depression, anxiety, and suicide.  His situation was very similar to mine.  It was the perfect storm, and was right in the middle of it.

What was the solution?  Why did God put Aaron through all that?  This was the answer.  God wanted Aaron to die to himself so that Christ could be fully formed in him.  He took Aaron’s self and placed it on the same place where Jesus died: The cross.  This was the only way that Aaron could fully be alive in Christ.

And that is my situation.  God is crucifying myself so that Christ can be fully formed in me.  Two things that I learned from Aaron’s testimony:

  • Whatever I’m going through, God works out all things for my good (Romans 8:28).
  • No matter what I’m enduring or facing, God’s grace will sustain me through it.

There are two books that Aaron read that I will want to read in my spare time:

  1. Handbook to Happiness by Charles Solomon
  2. The Normal Christian Life by Watchman Nee

I have also resolved to set a normal bedtime so that I can catch up on my rest.  I will go to bed at 8:00 every night (7:00 on Wednesdays).  This will help me establish a normal sleep cycle.

Above all else, I need to seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness (Matthew 6:33).  Knowing that I am on the Autism Spectrum, having control has been my problem.  God knows this and has been patient with me.  Complete surrender is necessary for God to start making all the changes that he wants to in my life.  I am doing this (and God will remind me if there is still anything that I need to surrender).  In seeking his righteousness, I will trust in God as he makes me more like Christ everyday.

That’s about it.  I’m going to prepare dinner and continue on my list of things to do before sleeping.

Oh. and today’s session with Chad Bryan was great and I got plenty of sleep last night!  🙂

Today’s high is going to be 61 degrees and the silver lining is making progress with my trial.

To those of you who like to find breakthroughs, I hope that you all have a fantastic day.


Muse:  That is amazing news! I am so glad that you’re able to find out what’s going on.

Twin Muse:  God’s crucifying yourself and making you like Christ?  That makes sense.  I wonder when you’re going to resume the arc?

(I’m shooting for this weekend, so stay tuned… 🙂 )