Me & My Muse – Day 930: Sunday of Solitude

Having made the decision to attend a Spiritual Gifts class this morning, my day has started pretty early.  This decision was much needed, as I urgently need to know what God has gifted me with so that I can develop that gift fully and use it to edify the Church.

Also, my current job isn’t paying the bills, but God has blessed me with parents that are very patient with my situation.  I don’t have to worry about these bills, just so long as the reasonable room and board is paid.  But regardless of this, the urgency to begin a new chapter in my life remains.

Which brings me back to the Spiritual Gifts class.  It was a pretty good experience, although I didn’t really know anyone in the class, let alone Matt, the instructor.  The only familiar face that I saw was Pastor Gib as he briefly entered the room with two more people that registered for the class.

As the class went on, I sat there, trying to take in as much as I could.  As I sat there, the thought passed through my mind.  “What does God want me to do?”

As the class continued on, he went through the scriptures.  Most of which I was familiar with.  I noticed two distinct differences in what one might confuse for spiritual gifts.  This would be Romans 12 and 1 Corinthians 12.  Romans 12 refers to the spiritual gifts, while 1 Corinthians 12 refers to the manifestations of the Spirit.  This cleared up the confusion for me, as I now knew what the spiritual gifts were.  There are SEVEN spiritual gifts and every one who is born again has at least ONE.

As this class was ending, I began taking the assessment to see which of the seven is the strongest in my life.

After the class, I went to the 10:45 service.  Pastor Jeremy gave a sermon on obedience.  One important takeaway from this is that obedience is not forced drudgery.  God is not Darth Vader, looming over us and instilling fear into every one of us, forcing us to obey him, lest he chokes us to death with his force choke.

Obedience is totally different if seen from the right perspective.  It leads to blessing if we follow that path.  The term “blessing” refers to God’s special favor that he imparts on us as we walk with him in obedience.

Abraham was told by God to leave the land of his ancestors to the land that he would show him.  Now Abraham wasn’t given any specific instructions.  Only the command to leave.  So Abraham went, even though he didn’t know where he was going.

For me, that is just what it feels like.  In taking this Spiritual Gifts class, I urgently want to know what God has given me so that I can go where he sends me next.  Now where could that be?  This, I don’t know yet.  But once this has been revealed to me,  I will, like Abraham, move forward into the unknown.  That’s all that we can do.  Move forward and trust that he will get us there.  Because if we do this, we will reach the destination that God has promised us.  Believe me.


Muse:  God will show you your gift and He will get you there.  I know that He will!

Indeed he will.  I couldn’t say it any better myself.

Muse:  Now something strange is going on.  All of a sudden, I do not sense any danger.  As the Mighty Mistress, it is my sworn duty to save those who are in danger.  To fight crime and deliver justice where it needs to be delivered.  Sensing danger is one of my superpowers, and for some reason, I can’t feel it anymore.

Can you remember when you started losing it?

Muse:  It’s all really strange.  Over the days, I noticed the cries for help becoming less and less.  I thought this was a good thing, since I thought that there was no danger.  Because if there was, I could sense it.  Right?

You could, but could you remember when that change started?

Muse:  I…I’m very sorry.  I can’t.  I wish I could remember…

I might want to tell Remedy about this.  Some had to have caused this to happen.  You don’t just lose your superpowers just like that.  You can still fly, right?

Muse:  I can.  Sensing danger is the only one that I have lost…I’m going to lie down now…

*Muse flies into the sky and vanishes in a beam of light*

Remedy:  So she can’t sense danger anymore?


Remedy:  I heard the whole thing.  I didn’t want to interrupt.

What do you think it is?

Remedy:  It must be this.  You are well aware of how many times she flies off to save someone in danger, right?


Remedy:  During one of her rescues,  a member of the Lethal Lady League drained one of her super powers.  It was Diffidentina.  I think I saw her doing it.

But wouldn’t that make her lose the confidence to sense danger?  We’re talking the evil version of the Shy Muse, right?

Remedy:  Yes, but when you think about it, when she has no confidence to sense danger, she will not sense it.  She is unaware of this lack of confidence.  Don’t you remember this effect with the Shy Muse?

I remember it well.  Although she lacked confidence, she was unaware that she was draining everyone else’s confidence.  So this would explain why the Mighty Mistress can’t remember how she lost it, right?

Remedy:  Exactly.  She has no confidence to remember, so the memory is locked in the back of her mind, with no key to open it.

And you’re certain that you saw Diffidentina, right?

Remedy:  I am 100% certain.  She looked like Cold Feet only much younger, like the Dark Muse…

Only the Dark Damsel is just like my Muse, only evil.  She’s the same age and not younger.

Remedy:  That’s what makes this transformation of hers so dangerous.  She’s the smartest of the Lethal Lady League, making her the leader.

Wouldn’t that make her the only Lethal Lady?  She’s babysitting a bunch of kids.

Remedy:  Yes, the name is a misnomer. But don’t underestimate any of them.  If Diffidentina can drain superpowers, I would hate to see what any of the other ones could do.  But take heart.  We have a team here.

Miss Muse:  That we do.  Everyone.  I’m going out to gather some more intel on the Lethal Lady League.

Pretty Penny:  And be seen?  Don’t be daft, dear.  Take this stealth camouflage and be safe out there.  Don’t mind the cost.  It was worth every penny!

Wonder Wing:  Lethal Lady League?  Don’t ya mean Lethal Babysitter League?  There aren’t any other ladies!  Tee hee!

Pretty Pretty:  You’re quite right, you frisky fairy.  They’re a bunch of terrible tykes, the lot of them.  Use this optic camera so we can catch a glimpse of what you’re seeing.  Farewell!  Be safe…

Cold Feet:  Why is she going anywhere?  She shouldn’t even bother.  It’s hopeless.

Praying Princess:  Now now, Cold Feet.  You may be shy and have issues with confidence, but know that you’re our most powerful weapon against them, okay?

Queen Cellulite:  You got that right, sister!  Just let me handle them.  It’s a bunch of squirts and a puny toothpick girl.  Just say the word and I’ll go over and crush them!  Ha ha!

Seraphina:  Executing such a decision in undue haste is not something that I would recommend.

Marvelous Muses League:  Seraphina!

Seraphina:  Excuse my absence.  I was in my realm, resting for 1000 years…

1000 years?!

Seraphina:  Which would amount to only a few seconds in your world.  Feeling fully refreshed, lead the charge.  We’ll unleash an unbridled attack that will culminate into a magnificent victory.

Pretty Penny: Stay your hand.  Miss Muse is investigating.  One wrong calculation on our part and we’ll all be finished!  There we go.  That’s a good seraph…

Are we done?  I’m kind of burnt out tonight.

Remedy:  You are?  I’ll let you enjoy your night then.  Just know that we have a full team, just like they do.

Wonder Wing:  Only their team is mostly a bunch of five-year olds!  Tee hee!  Can I turn them into bugs?  Just make the wish!  Then we can squish them!  Tee hee!

Farewell, Remedy.  I hope that we can do something about my Muse…

Remedy:  Don’t worry, Kyle.  I always think of something.  Enjoy your night!


There.  With my Muse unable to sense danger, this is not good.  Who knows what the Lethal Lady League is up to?  Many crimes could be going on, and the Mighty Mistress wouldn’t be aware of any of them…

Well, creativity aside, I need to determine the spiritual gift that God has blessed me with. I will surely find this soon.  It’s only a matter of time.

Today’s high is going to be 29 degrees and the silver lining is attending today’s Spiritual Gift class.

To those of you who know what you’re good at, I hope that you all have a fantastic day.


Muse:  I wish that I could sense at least one person in danger.  But I can’t.  What’s going on?  *sigh*


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