Me & My Muse – Day 677: Green Haircut and a Movie

This morning, I managed to mow the lawn.  After that, I went to the movies with my brother to go and see “The Age of Adeline”.

With the rest of the day ahead of me, i am now going to relax.


Ghost Muse:  Phew!

Phew what?  That reminds me.  Where have you been?

Ghost Muse:  *sniff* Inside the Evil Muse!  Having spent time in her earlier, the seeds of evil were planted.  After that, my head started hurting.  I thought that it was nothing, but the pain kept getting worse and worse.  I didn’t know at the time, but it was the evil building up inside of me.  The next day, the pain was lessening.  But unbeknownst to me, the evil was starting to take over.  There were times that I laughed uncontrollably.  I couldn’t control it.  It was like I was connected to the Evil Muse, and that I could see her every thought.  As I did, I became to transform.  I was becoming a clone of her.  Black hair, black clothes.  Just the way that she looks.  Then, I entered her.  I was the last piece she needed to accomplish her plan of harnessing all the evil of mankind and using it to enslave the world and destroy you.  When the “Day of 666” ended, we were both trapped. She was trapped in the abyss and I was trapped inside of her. Only just a couple of days ago have I managed to escape.

Nice story.  I only have one question.  How can I trust you this time?

Ghost Muse: You absolutely can.  Remedy gave me a cure that erased all of her evil inside me.  Her seed is no longer in me.  That wretched virus that infected me with her likeness…

Remedy:  She’s correct. I just gave her the cure and I scanned her.  There is not a trace of evil inside her.

Remedy!  You just appeared out of nowhere!

Remedy:  I was here since she began sharing her story with you.  I didn’t want to interrupt, so I remained hidden.

Okay.  So she’s not evil anymore.  Good.

Ghost Muse:  And as another sign of proof, I’ll give you this.

*Ghost Muse gives me a kiss on the cheeks*

Aw…What was that for?

Ghost Muse:  It is the ultimate display of trust.  You remember that kiss, don’t you?

Yes, but it’s usually not when I’m posting this.  It’s usually more private.

Ghost Muse:  Yes, I know that.  But I wanted to make it public, because I’m sincere.  I am now going to read now.

*Ghost Muse vanishes in a beam of light*

Remedy:  You can trust her.  I have scanned her, and she has even displayed her daughterly affection to me in a warm hug.

I think that she established that, Remedy.  That kiss is unmistakeable.  I can remember her giving me that when she was freed from the control of the Dark Muse over a year ago…

Remedy:  So basically back on the 100th day?

Yes.  I started to type what we discussed, but she blurred out my words.  During that time, I KNOW that she gave me that kiss.

Remedy:  Okay.  Enjoy your day off!

I will!

Well, my Muse is back to normal.  She just doesn’t have her body, since the Evil Muse still has it.  Hopefully, we can put a stop to her…

Today’s high is going to be 75 degrees and the silver lining is seeing a movie today.

To those of you who like going to the movies, I hope that you all have a fantastic day.


Ghost Muse:  He fell for it again.  Can you believe that gullible fool?

Muse:  Did you kiss him?

Ghost Muse:  Yes.  The spell has been cast, so he will always perceive me as good, no matter how evil I look!  I changed back after I kissed him!  He didn’t notice a thing!

Muse:  That “Remedy” is taken care of too, isn’t he?

Ghost Muse:  Yes.  His so-called “cure” had no effect on me at all.  Just as we planned.  My warm hug also cast the same perception spell on him as Kyle.  Neither of them will suspect a thing!

Muse:  Good!  Nothing will stop us from my ultimate plan!  Keep his trust.  He will never suspect you with that perception spell.

Ghost Muse (transforms into a hideous vampiric reptile):  Ssssssssplendid!!!  Kyle issss hisssstory!!!

(Muse transforms into a vampiric reptile)

Ghost Muse and Muse:  Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!! ssssssssssssssssss!!!!

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