Me & My Muse – Day 642: Super Saturday

NOTE:  This post contains some creative writing elements.


With the weekend finally here, I finally get a day off.


Muse:  And I finally get to execute my plan!  Mwa ha ha ha ha!!!

What’s this “plan” that you’re talking about?

Muse:  It’s the destruction of your planet.  I have already devoured a few towns.  They were delicious.

Stop!  You can’t do that!

Muse:  Why not?  You’re just a goody two-shoes.  You wouldn’t understand my motives.

Yeah.  I wouldn’t understand why you would want to destroy a planet, just like that.

Muse:  You see, my motives are purely selfish.  The bigger I get, the more food I will need to keep me filled.  Your towns are satisfying my hunger for now, but it won’t be long.  Heh heh…

So, due to your increasing growth, your evil motives are driven by hunger?  To keep yourself alive is a purely selfish one.  What about the welfare of those towns?  Those poor people…

Muse:  What does it matter?  They’re just food to me.  Just like you will be.  Soon…Mwa ha ha…

So, why don’t you kill me and eat me now?

Muse:  The time is not ripe.  Like good aged food, it takes time.  If I were to do it now, you wouldn’t taste as good.

That is a lie.  You are withholding something…

Muse:  And so what if I am?  Even if I was, I wouldn’t tell you!

???:  She is.  And I know every detail of her plan.


Remedy:  The clue lies in the days of these entries.  When we get to the “Day of 666”, all of the evil of humanity will be released into her heart.  But that evil is only limited to how much fear she has created.  Humanity might be one town or one planet, depending on how much she has affected.

But the destroyed towns…

Remedy:  But they’re not truly “destroyed”.  They are merely overshadowed by her evil influence.  Each town she “devours” increases her power and influence.  What she’s destroying is the good of humanity.  All the good is imprisoned, unable to escape.  So too is the evil.  But on the “Day of 666”, all that evil will be given to her.

Muse:  Who asked you, you insolent cretin?  Even with you divulging my scheme, it is too late.  Everything has been set into place.  I will control the whole planet.  No.  The universe!  Mwa ha ha ha ha!!!

Remedy:  You overreach yourself with those zealous motives of yours.  Do you really think you can control the universe?  The one in charge will stop you in your tracks, and you will perish!

Muse:  Then I challenge him to do so.  May the best one win!

Remedy:  You are delusional and foolish.  Your zeal will be your downfall.

Just a moment.  Why would she want to consume me?  What do I have that the rest of the world doesn’t?

Remedy:  You are the director in this story.  With that role, you have “privileges”.  Think about it!

Ah!  My Director’s Privileges, since I have the power to change anything I want to in this story…

Muse:  And with those privileges belonging to me, there is nothing that can stop me.  Not even you, you noisy halfwit!

Remedy:  Noisy?  I would look in the mirror before you make such bold declarations.

Muse:  Look into this mirror, you wretched fool!  Very soon, there will be a new law in the land.  My law.  All of you will be my servants.  Farewell. (you pitiful fools)  Ha ha ha ha!!!

*Muse vanishes in a cloud of dark smoke*

*Ghost Muse appears*

Ghost Muse:  I heard everything.  Surely you have something planned, don’t you Remedy?

Remedy:  I always do.  And like her plan, it needs to be at the right time.  Time to continue on it.  Enjoy your day off, Kyle.

I will.

*Remedy disappears in a beam of light*

Ghost Muse:  I hope that Remedy can think of something.  I do want my body back soon…

He’ll think of something.  Don’t worry.  He always does!

Ghost Muse:  You’re right.  Have a good day!  I’m going to do some reading now…

Okay.  Time to enjoy this day.

Today’s high is going to be 58 degrees and the silver lining is having the day off.

To those of you who like having days off, I hope that you all have a fantastic day.


Muse:  What I didn’t tell him was the most important part of my plan.  A key ingredient is needed.  Mwa ha ha ha…

Ghost Muse:  My head hurts.  What’s going on?  It’s probably nothing.   Back to my reading…