Me & My Muse – Day 148: Wrapping Things Up

In summary, my day has been pretty productive.  I got some Christmas shopping done and I cleaned the bathroom.  My next project?  I’ll give you a clue.  It involves this.



Muse:  So you’re going to decorate the house in wrapping paper?

No!  Of course not!  I’m going to be wrapping some gifts!

Muse:  Relax.  I was just joking!  I already got started on that yesterday….

And I better get started.  I only have about an hour before I leave for the meeting….

Muse:  That reminds me.  The first Intangible Toastmasters meeting starts tonight!  A few other leaders are there, so that they can learn how to lead their own meetings at the clubs that they want to start.

Sounds like a plan.  For a motivator,  I have recently achieved this two weeks ago….


Muse:  ACG?  Wait….Don’t tell me….Advanced Communicator Gold, right?

Correct.  That is the highest award that can be obtained in the Communication Track.

Muse:  And the other one on your badge is Advanced Leader Bronze.  You are still working your Advanced Leader Silver, which will be the highest award that you can get for the Leadership Track right now…..

Wow!  I’m impressed.  You really know that material well…..

Muse:  Well, of course I do!  If I’m going to be District Governor, then I need to learn everything about Toastmasters.  Since there has never been any Intangible leaders before me, I really need to jump in and learn all this myself.  Oh, and my plan?  Get my Competent Communicator in three months.

And how are you going to do that?  You’re only in one club!

Muse:  Wrong.  I’m in four different clubs.  And each one meets a different day.  I have five of my ten projects planned, and I’m working on the next five.

And the leadership?

Muse:  I’m Club President in the Intangible Founders Club, and I’m serving different roles in each club.  In the next six months, I will have my Competent Leader as well.

But it will take a whole year for you to get your Advanced Leader Bronze.

Muse:  No it won’t.  One of my clubs elects new officers every six months, so within six months, I will have that award too.

I’m impressed!  That will qualify for a…..

Muse:   Triple crown award.  I know.  With my drive, motivation and dedication to excellence, I am sure to get the first ever Toastmaster of the Year at the first annual Intangible Spring Conference.

And who’s setting that up?

Muse:  I am.  No one else knows how, so I have to train everyone.  And before you ask any other questions, we don’t have a Realm President for the Imaginary Division of Toastmasters International.  Within the next two years, I will be elected into that role, once the Intangible Division has more structure.

Okay.  I can imagine things being all over the place with Toastmasters being new to Intangibles.

Muse:  It is.  Within two years, I will have my ACB, ACS, ACG and ALS, giving me my Distinguished Toastmaster Award.

Now that’s motivation.  Anything else on your list of goals?

Muse:  I plan on entering the Realm Speech Contest and winning the title of Realm Champion of Public Speaking.

Realm?  Why realm?

Muse:  The Realm of Imagination doesn’t consist of countries.  There are no nations.  Just different areas around the realm.

Okay. Good luck with tonight’s meeting!

Muse:  I need to prepare for tonight’s meeting anyway.  Thank you!  Bye….


Distinguished Toastmaster in two years?  I wonder if she will try for Accredited Speaker too?  That’s very hard to get.

Today’s high was 37 degrees and the silver lining was getting all this work accomplished.

To those of you who like to be productive, I hope that you all have a fantastic day.


Muse:  President, Toastmaster of tonight’s meeting and District Governor.  Man, is tonight going to be busy!