Me & My Muse – Day 92: One Last Chance

Muse:  I said, wake up you sleepyhead!

What?  You woke me up!

Muse:  Aw, I did?  Well, your time out’s over.  Tee hee!  Now are you going to be a good boy now, and NOT enter my head?

I am not a boy!

Muse:  Yes you are!  Tee hee!  Now the real reason that I’m waking you up is that I can’t sleep.  I miss my old stuffed Kyle….

So you do, huh?

Muse:  Yes.  And I’m giving you one more chance to be my slave.  If you blow it, I’m getting rid of you!  Tee hee!

Why would I blow it?  I value my life!

Muse:  And it starts now!  Change my sheets, slave!

*sigh*  And you’re all soaked, too.  I knew there was a reason why you woke me up….

Muse:  Well, I didn’t want to wake up the NEW Kyle!  Tee hee!  He’s been such a good slave that I decided to give him a break.  Now move it, slave!

*one annoying shower and change of bedding later*

There you go, princess.  New pajamas and new bedding.

Muse:  You don’t say it like HE does!  Oh well…..You’re the old Kyle after all!  Tee hee….

There.  How many Hello Kitty glasses of milk do you want?

Muse:  You’re not being a good slave!  Surprise me!

Here.  I poured you 12 glasses.  That’s about a gallon.

Muse:  Twelve?!!  That’s pretty good!  Tee hee!  You get bonus points for that…. *gulp* Now take care of them and get in the bed!

There.  I rinsed them, washed them, dried them and put them away.  You know those fluids are the reason for all your accidents….

Muse:  No they’re not!  Tee hee!  The same thing would happen if I had a tiny sip.  INTANGIBLE, remember?

Yeah.  Looser rules.  I know….

Muse:  Try no rules!  Tee hee! Oh, that’s right!  I have to shrink down to cuddle with you because you can’t GROW!

Well, I’m Tangible!

Muse:  Well, you’re outdated!  Tee hee!  I might decide to get rid of you anyway!  *yawn*  Good night, slave.  And oh yeah….I never shrunk the NEW Kyle or my bed.  I’ll be quiet since he’s still sleeping.  Good night, giant NEW Kyle! *yawn*  *snore*


One more chance, huh?  Chances are I’ll blow it no matter how well I perform.  She knows that I’ll fail anyway so she already plans on getting rid of me.  Oh.  And why are these always ending with her sleeping?  I guess it’s because I’m stuck in her room….

Today’s high is….Oh yeah.  That’s right.  I still can’t look at the weather….The silver lining will be my so-called Muse giving me another chance to live.

To all of you who like second chances, I hope that you all have a fantastic day.


Muse:  *snore*….old Kyle…..useless…..tee hee…..