Me & My Muse – Day 72: Back to Work….Again….

With all my days of vacation expired, it is now time to go to work….again.  And with about a half hour remaining, guess what?  I don’t have much time to write a normal length entry today.

Muse:  Yes you do!  Do it!

No.  I could spend every last minute on this entry, but I have lunch to eat.

Muse:  Couldn’t you have spent your time a little better this morning?

That’s not your problem.  That’s mine.  Let me deal with my own problems, okay?

Muse:  It’s not going to be another short one!  I won’t let you!

Get in there!

Muse:  I saw the open house last night.  The house wasn’t open!  They LIED!

It’s not that kind.  Now get in, NOW!

Muse:  Mr. Time management doesn’t know how to make a decent ent….

There.  She’s in.  Given the time left, this is all you’re getting today, unfortunately.  If you want more, check out the bonus entries.  They outline my journey to finding out what’s wrong with my Muse.

Today’s high is going to be 75 degrees and the silver lining will be working more on my story.  For the A Long Quest rewrite.  I also finished the first chapter.  Hopefully, I can finish it today.

To those of you who are almost too busy for journaling, I hope that you all have a fantastic day.

Muse:  I’m tired of those short entries!  If I had my own blog, I could do a lot better than him!  Tee hee!

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