Me & My Muse – Day 67: Now You’re Speaking My Language

Maok peqara ip Ni zotqia qixon?  Zorpoza, oq begivo!

Ni ip fouua.  Qoqim oq qi biq setawoquer maok Ni ip fena.  Qer Ni tiom zoqi q’ zoxpa yizi zuq.


Muse:  Ni ti!  Xan Iepize, zapizi!

Maok?  Qi qosa niu zuu?

Muse:  Yes.  I know Zorpozian very well.  But your audience doesn’t!  How do you expect them to understand what you’re saying?

Ni tiom.  Ni xoi qaaz zimp qisixa….

Muse:  I’m not!  I will translate everything that you have said so far.  First, you said “What language am I talking about?”.  After that, you said “Zorpozian, of course!”  Then you get all stupid, saying “I am sorry.  None of you can understand what I am saying.  And I don’t have a problem with that.”  Urrr!  Of all the nerve!  And then I said to your stupid mouth “I do!  In English, please!”  To which you replied,  “What?  You know it too?”  And then you arrogantly replied with “I don’t.  I will keep them guessing…..”  Everyone.  Don’t pay attention to that arrogant idiot.

Pithex poq yin zoqi q’ Zorpoza perqara ikzomp!  Qoqi zim zazi q’ zimasi!

Muse:  “Looks like we have a Zorpozian language expert!  Give the girl a prize!”?  Urrr!  I’m translating everything you say so that they know how stupid your are!

Niu zoqex fop zu qosa fop!

Muse:  “It takes one to know one!”? That is so immature!

Qoa niu ik qom!

Muse: Zeep sem!  “Shut up!”  And he said “No it is not!”  Sorry about that.  Tee hee!  Oh yeah!  You removed “tee hee”  From the language entries.  Why?!

Moa iniqo?  Zuq zug yik zwomir!

Muse:  “Why else?  That word was stupid!”  Well, I’m gonna say it anyway!  Zoo zloo!  And can you stop speaking Zorpozian already?  I know you’re excited about the language but you need to stop.

Ni ip qom dara.  Qi biqom nopqa nin!

Muse:  “I am not stopping.  You can’t make me!”  Iz zuie Ni biq!  Ni ip zwoa-a xan qiua zoqir qer Ni ip qoaqiu aqiu bana-a xon!  Fa EAQE!  (And by the way,  for those of you who don’t know Zorpozian, I said  “Oh yes I can!  I am staying in your head and I am never ever coming out!  So NYAH!”)  Are you gonna stop now?  Because I will do it!  I mean it!

Fine!  I’ll stop!  Way to ruin all the fun, Miss Party Pooper….

Muse:  Fun?  How is it fun for anyone else?  They don’t know what you’re saying!  They don’t know the language like you do!

I just wanted to have some fun with the language!  Is that so much to ask?

Muse:  It is if it’s a language that no one has ever heard of!  I’m glad I know your language or everyone would be in the dark!

Well, since you spoiled the fun, I want to end this now.  Don’t you have anywhere you should be right now?  Xoam!

Muse:  Bye?  But I don’t wanna leave!

Yes you do.  Please.  I haven’t eaten anything since breakfast!

Muse:  Fine!  Xoam to you, I guess.  Qopa xoam!

Good bye, Muse!


There.  Today was a rather productive day for me.  I rolled up some coins, mowed the lawn, vacuumed my floor, washed my laundry and cleaned the bathroom.  Then my Muse has the audacity to ruin my fun!  So much for a language that only I understand because she’ll translate every word I say!

Today’s high was 62 degrees and the silver lining was getting all that house work done.

To all of you who love speaking a different language, Ni zorpoz zuq qi qim zoqi q’ qozozab qin.


Muse:  Who does he think he is, being so arrogant with that stupid language of his?  Urrr! That just makes me so mad!

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