Me & My Muse – Day 38: Back to the Beginning

So we’re starting this whole thing over again?

No.  We’re not talking about that beginning.  We’re talking about the beginning of my writing.  Where it all began….

We are going back to 1994.   This is where you will find me, at age 10, sharing my story “The Brick Building” to my fourth grade class.  Before we even get to that, there’s a little background you should know about that story.

The story that I’m sharing to my fourth grade class was actually a writing assignment that the whole class had to do.  Outside the window of our classroom was this tiny brick building that sat in the middle of the school lawn.  It was not attached to the school but it sat apart from it.  A strange and mysterious sight to my 10-year old mind.

“What could be inside it?” the fourth grade teacher asked the class, challenging our curiosity.  “I would like you all to write a story on that brick building.  What is inside it?  I’m sure you all will come up with some good ideas.”

And that is just what I did.  I wrote a story that I called “The Brick Building”.  At the age of 10, my writing career officially began.

Brick Building 1

(Towards the bottom, the words are cut off. The cut off words say  “When I was done I asked him “Can I have some tokens?”)

Brick Building 2

After writing that story, I turned it in to my fourth grade teacher.  A few days later,  she had a chance to look at all of what the class wrote.  For all the good stories, she had every one of us reach them in front of the class.  After a few of my classmates read their stories, it was my turn.  I read my story to the class and they loved it.  It was official.  My career as a writer was born.

A few months later, I wrote a second and third part (the conclusion) to my Brick Building story.  This wasn’t required as an assignment, but I did it anyway.  Full of excitement, I read parts 2 and 3 in front of the whole class.  Like part 1, they loved it.

From there, the sequels began.  I wrote a three-part sequel called Henry’s Revenge.  It is about how Henry the goblin gets his revenge on me for killing him by kidnapping my best friend.

From there, I wrote a few more stories and sequels, with my last story being in the sixth grade.

When seventh grade came around, I wanted to write a longer story.  A novel.  While it wasn’t really a novel, it ended up being my longest story at the time.  It was about my adventures back to Earth in a story called A Long Quest.

Why is this story relevant?  It is because I plan on rewriting the entire thing.  One of things that I would like to do with the story is for it to have the unique languages developed more.  Renzinian, Zorpozian, and few other languages that will have minor appearances.  My primary focus is the Zorpozian language, and I definitely want this to be complete.  The other thing that I would like to see is the length of the story greatly expanded.  The original draft is 16,512 words, and that’s not even long enough to be classified as a novel.  I would like “A Long Quest” to truly live up to its name, with 4-5 books, each covering a year of the journey.  This is a large undertaking, but it will be tackled one book at a time.  That, and I have the Zorpozian language to conquer.

Having that said, it’s back to the beginning.  I will still be working on The Tale of Zachary Willowbrook: The School Years, but I will be keeping this in my mind as well….


Muse:  A story?  I wanna write a story!

You were pretty quiet that whole time.

Muse:  I’m always quiet during story time, and that story was pretty good.  Tee hee!

Yes.  It’s a piece of my past that I felt like sharing to everyone.

Muse:  I just thought of a story!  Do you wanna hear it?

Sure.  Go ahead.

Muse:  Once upon a time, there was this girl who ate the biggest ice cream in the world!  After that, she wanted more ice cream so she grew and ate an ice cream planet.  Then she laid down and fell asleep.  The end!

It’s kind of short, and it needs a little more work.

Muse:  You don’t like it?

I didn’t say that.  You just need to work on it some more.

Muse:  You don’t like my stories!  You probably think it’s STUPID!

Well, I need to understand the plot.  Why did the girl want to eat all that ice cream?  Where did she get the ability to grow bigger than a planet, and how did she have the oxygen to breathe in space?  It’s short and it needs work, okay?

Muse:  You don’t like my stories!

I didn’t say that!

Muse:  Yes you did!

What are we, five now?

Muse:  Now you’re making fun of me!

Well, that’s how you’re acting.  You’re arguing with me like a five-year old.  My critics despise your character and think you’re a little childish.

Muse:  So what if they do?  Why don’t they say it to my face?  Or are they too afraid to?  They’re just a bunch of stupid adults who never have any fun!

So you’re telling me that being a kid is the only way to have any fun?

Muse:  Yes I am.  Tee hee….

Maybe something really is wrong with your head.  You are an adult, but you refuse to act like one.  To make matters worse, you’re not telling me why you refuse to act like an adult.  Yes, you think they’re stupid and “never have any fun”, but why?

Muse:  Because I just want to!  Do I need a reason?

No other one except that you’re really stubborn, and a total drag to my audience.  You should’ve stayed on the medication.

Muse:  I won’t, because I don’t like it, and you can’t make me take it, so NYAH!

You act like a child, but you don’t look like one!

Muse:  Now I do!  Tee hee!

Cute.  Little Miss Intangible just changed her form. Well, at least you now have a form that fits you.  Now will you tell me about the secret?

Muse:  No!  I’m not telling!  I’m not telling!  I’m not telling! I’m not telling! I’m not telling! I’m not telling!  Ha ha!  PLLLLLLLLLBBBBBT!

You know what?  Just go to your room.  I’m not going to stand for this any longer.

Muse:  You can’t make me!

Yes I can.  With this….

Muse:  No no!  Don’t!  I will, okay?  Just don’t spank me….


My Muse is getting way out of control.  I miss the Muse from my birthday.  Perhaps there’s a way that I can help her.  That’s definitely something that I’ll look into for later….Rest assured.  She will be cured.

Looking at today, the high will be 74 degrees.  The silver lining will be making more progress on my story.  I might also work on the Zorpozian language.

For those of you who like revisiting the past, I hope that you all have a fantastic day.


Muse:  He doesn’t like my story, huh?  Needs work, huh?  I’ll show him.  I’ll write the best story in the world!

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