Think & Write #74

The Cider Stand

Charlotte turned the “closed” sign to “open”.

Charlotte didn’t have what you would call your average stand.  Her stand was a lot bigger.  Of course, it sold her cider.  But it sold a lot more than that.  There were fresh donuts that were made that very day.  There was pumpkin bread that could very well be the best pumpkin bread that you ever tasted.  There were a couple other donuts and some other pastries as well.

It has always been Charlotte’s dream to open up a bakery.  With her cider stand at twelve years old, she was surely on her way to achieving this.

While all her baked goods were delicious, everyone agreed that her cider tasted the best.  If you were to try it, it would have this certain bite to it.  Not too strong of a bite, but just enough for you to really feel the flavor.  Many have asked her what apples she used, but she would never tell.  Whatever it was, it was surely delicious.  Many have tried, but no one has ever made cider quite like Charlotte.

Charlotte gets her apples from her parent’s orchard, and she makes the cider.  It started as a simple activity that she did with her grandfather, when he was alive.  After doing it a few times, she started making cider using her own recipe.  It was something that took her a few tries to get right.  But when she did, it was magic.

Charlotte smiled as she watched her regular customers flock to her cider stand.  Everyone was there for one thing.  Her delicious apple cider.


©2012  K. L. Walker