Think & Write #72

A Lucid Reality

People have always wondered how I got here.  Just recently, I started to wonder that myself.

After giving it some thought, I started to remember where I came from.  I saw him, my maker.  For some reason, there was an opening.  When I passed through the opening, I fell out.

There my maker was.  A giant lying down on his bed.  Sleeping.  I left the house and began to explore this strange new world.

If you were to ask me about the world now,  I would say that I am now used to it.  It is a lucid world.  A world that I clearly know that I don’t belong in.

People also ask me if I am ever hungry.  I tell them that I don’t eat.  At least I don’t eat the food that you do.  People are strange in eating their food and having their drink.  My nourishment comes from thoughts.  My thoughts influence what form I take next.  Sometimes, I am a mother or a father.  Other times, I’m a wealthy businessman or a teenage girl in a dress ready for homecoming.  At times, I was a child and a  toddler, and I didn’t like these forms very well (I would have to say because of their limited movement and lack of freedom).  My form really depends upon the meal of thoughts that I consume.

Another thing I get asked a lot is why I feel so weird.  When I feel their body of flesh, bones and muscle, I ask them the same question.  They describe my body as “ghostlike”.  I heard them say this when someone gave me what they called a “handshake”.

When I try to describe this to someone, most people do not believe me.  Those who do call me a “dream”, whatever that is.  I am guessing that it has to do with the place where I came from.  The place that I somehow escaped.  My maker either wanted me to escape, or it was some kind of accident.

Whatever it was, I am here.  Wandering around.  Wandering aimlessly in this lucid reality….


©2012  K. L. Walker

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