Think & Write #71

The Usual

I got in the car and drove to my local sushi bar.  Tokyo Sushi is the name of the place.

Upon entering the place, I was greeted by the staff.  Everyone knows who I am, since I am pretty much a regular there.  I come in there five times a week to get my favorite sushi.  Heck.  I could eat it everyday and never get tired of the stuff.  I do this during the week.  Saturday is date night with my wife and a special dinner is eaten at home on Sunday.

For all other days of the week, I’m there.  Being the regular that I am, they knew where I wanted to sit.  The booth by the window, as usual.  As I sat down, an Asian waitress comes by to take my order.  “And what would you be having today?”

I smiled.  “Give me the usual.”

The waitress smiled.  “Oh!  The usual?  We’ll have that up in a moment.”  With that, the waitress scurried off like a mouse and ran behind the bar to hand the sushi chef the order.

What is the usual?  The usual for me is a root beer and their 15 sushi sampler platter.  Each roll on the platter has a sushi that I absolutely love.  No wasabi.  No ginger.  None of this is even needed if the sushi is prepared right.  And let me tell you.   They do it right here.

In just minutes, the waitress hands me my “usual”.  The sushi looks perfect, like it always is.  What is the secret to this perfection?  I have talked to the owner.  He tells me that he used to live in Tokyo.  According to the owner, everything they do in the preparation of the sushi is the same as over there.  All the rice is imported from Japan.  And all the seafood is freshly imported.  Granted, this place is a little expensive, but it’s definitely worth it.

With that, I reach out with my bare hands and begin eating my 15 pieces of perfection.  No chop sticks required.


©2012  K. L. Walker

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